Dogs board puts a hold on action

The Bulldogs board has elected to take no action against any players following a meeting tonight to discuss possible breaches of the club's code of conduct.

The marathon meeting, held at the club's Belmore headquarters, was held at the same time the NRL were launching their 2004 season with a glitzy affair at Circular Quay.

Journalists scheduled to attend the season launch were instead camped outside the Bulldogs headquarters, waiting for some sign of the board.

Eventually, Dr George Peponis, flagged by the rest of the club's board, made a statement to the media, confirming that a decision had been made to not take action against players.

Mr Peponis said a decision to possibly stand players down or sack them would not be made until Police have concluded their investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman at a Coffs Harbour resort late last month.

Mr Peponis said the club had gained advice from their lawyers before reaching the decision not to take action against players.

Earlier today, Bulldogs Chief Executive Steve Mortimer said the last ten days had been the most difficult of his involvement with the game.

"If only a fraction of what is alleged to have happened to various women is true, it's very much appalling to me," Mr Mortimer said.

"I am personally embarrassed by what has been alleged in the newspaper, on radio and on television.

"It goes against my family values, my faith."

Police are expected to continue their investigations into last month's alleged sexual assault tomorrow.

Tonight, Ten News reported a possible link between the victim of last month's alleged assault and the victim of an alleged assault by Bulldogs players last year. The nature of the link was not revealed.