Junior Trials

The junior Dolphins play their first trials this weekend after the cancellations last week due to the extreme heat. These are the teams that have games.

UnderOpposition Location Time Day 17a Nambour Nambour 8.30pm Friday 16a Nambour Nambour 7.30pm Friday 16b Burpengary Station Rd 5.00pm Sunday 15a Nambour Nambour 6.15pm Friday 15b Centenary Centenary 5.00pm Sunday 14a Brothers Shaw Rd 4.00pm Sunday 13a Nambour Nambour 6.15pm Friday 12a Brothers Shaw Rd 4.00pm Sunday 12b Brothers Shaw Rd 5.00pm Sunday 12c Centenary Centenary 4.00pm Sunday 12d Carina Creek Rd 6.15pm Friday 11a Norths Bishop Pk 10.00am Sunday 11b Brothers Shaw Rd 8.30am Sunday 11c&d Wests Purtell Pk 4.00pm Sunday