Dolphins News

The Dolphins Awards winners from Round 6 are Queensland Cup Searles Gardens Products Man of the Match Gavin Cooper Keystar Motors Players Player Troy Lindsay A Grade Hogs Breath Cafe Man of the Match Nathan Black Colts Leading Edge Sports Man of the Match Jay Hampson Old Boys Play of the Day Wayne Bond

The Club also congratulates Liam Georgetown and Charles Vis on their selections in the Brisbane Under 19 squad. There must be a couple more who were unlucky not to get selected.

This weeks sides are Queensland Cup vs Toowoomba at Stadium Toowoomba 1.Trent Leis 2.Phil Shilvock 3.Damien Richters 4.Brian Jellick 5.Chris Bond 6.Shane Perry 7.Michael Roberts 8.Troy Lindsay ? 9.Justin McKay 10.Adam Starr 11.Ben Jones 12.Danny Burke 13.Grant Flugge Interchange 14.Matt Anderton 15.Nathan Sologinkin 16.Daniel Green 17.Gavin Cooper

A Grade vs Wests at Purtell Park 1.Chris Torrington 2.Marijan Harris 3.Joel Barnes 4.Charles Vis 5.Liam Georgetown 6.Caleb McEniery 7.Wayne Bond 8.Luke Bishop 9.Nathan Black 10.Shane Anderson 11.Quinn Smith 12.Nick Walker 13.Joe Burley ? Interchange 14.Richard Forster 15.Russell McDonald 16.Travis Falls 17.Mark Brown

Colts vs Wests at Purtell Park 1.Troy Francom 2.Daniel Bennett 3.Jason Frazer 4.Maddison Murphy ? 5.Henry Coutts 6.Steve Tyler 7.Terry Jones 8.Adam Turnbull 9.Peter Delaivuna 10.Bede Tuohy 11.Reece Bailey 12.Jay Hampson 13.Ashley Reilly Interchange 14.Dominic Fallini 15.Val Fa?amoe 16.Daley White 17.Todd Parnell