The Redcliffe Pepsi Dolphins are home to the Eastern Suburbs Tigers this Sunday at Dolphin Oval. After a disappointing effort by the Queensland Cup side against the Central Comets they will be looking for an improved performance this week against the in-form Tigers. It should be a high quality day of footy with Tigers and Dolphins both sitting high on the ladder in each grade. Neil Wharton has named a similar side to last weekend but several players will have to pass a fitness test before he will know the final make up of his squad. As from this week on both the lower grades will start 15 minutes earlier. The Dolphins sides are Queensland Cup 1. Trent Leis 2. Phil Shilvock 3. Damien Richters 4. Brian Jellick 5. Joel Barnes 6. Shane Perry 7. Michael Roberts 8. Nathan Sologinkin 9. Nathan Black 10. Adam Starr 11. Daniel Green 12. Ben Jones 13. Andrew Wynyard Interchange 14. Justin McKay 15. Danny Burke 16. Grant Flugge 17. Gavin Cooper

A Grade 1.Chris Bond 2. Marijan Harris 3. Joe Burley 4. Rod West 5. Chris Torrington 6. Caleb McEniery 7. Wayne Bond 8. Luke Bishop 9. Matt Anderton 10. Mark Brown 11. Quinn Smith 12. Nick Walker 13. Daniel Jones Interchange 14. Shane Anderson 15. Duane O?Grady 16. Travis Falls 17. Sam Fillery

Colts 1. Troy Francom 2. Daniel Bennett 3. Maddison Murphy 4. Henry Coutts 5. Lyndon Nagas 6. Todd Parnell 7. Terry Jones 8. Bede Tuohy 9. Peter Delaivuna 10. Adam Turnbull 11. Reece Bailey 12. Jay Hampson 13. Ashley Reilly Interchange 14. Daley White 15. Tino Kurene 16. Dominic Fallini 17. Chris Jelich