Dont Turn League Into A Soft

Passionate Broncos captain Gorden Tallis has cautioned officials about over-softening rugby league.

The NRL has flagged $20,000 "fight fines" following Sunday's brawl between players from Brisbane and the Warriors at Auckland's Ericsson Stadium.

Angry NRL chief executive David Gallop revealed both clubs had come dangerously close to being hit with major fines.

He was disappointed judiciary chairman Jim Hall had not acted, saying such scenes had no place in rugby league.

But Tallis -- who may lead Australia into a physical battle against Great Britain on a November tour -- believes officials have over-reacted.

"It's a man's game and it happens," said Tallis, widely castigated earlier this year for raining punches on Penrith prop Ben Ross after being taunted in a tackle.

"The last thing you want is to turn rugby league into a soft game."

Tallis, who declared his comeback from injury against Parramatta on target, questioned why the NRL had waited until round 24 to come out with threats of heavy fines.

"There's been fights all year and they haven't come out and said anything," said Tallis.

"I saw Brad Fittler get in a fight against Souths in a brawl.

"He came in and hit someone, it was exactly the same thing."

Tallis said a Parramatta player had thrown several punches at a Cronulla player at the weekend without any outcry.

"I got dragged over hot coals for the same thing," said the Broncos forward.

"Last week a Parramatta player stood up and punched a bloke three times in the head.

"It was just as vicious.

"They (NRL) saw it, but they didn't come out and say anything.

"This week (when the Broncos are involved) they want to jump on the bandwagon."