Dragons betting

Dragons Media Release

The Board of Directors of the St George Illawarra Dragons outlined the results of their enquires in a report to the NRL today.

The Board advised that the St George Illawarra players placed a small wager - $20.00 per person on themselves to win V Warriors on Sunday 23 June 2002.

The Board is convinced this event is an isolated occurrence.

The Board acknowledges that gambling on matches is prohibited under the terms of the Players' Agreement with the Club and the NRL Rules.

They further advised that as the action was found to be a first offence, the Board has severely reprimanded the players.

The Board further advised that the Players and the Club have recognised the inappropriateness of the action, have apologised to the NRL and have undertaken to donate the winnings of $2,100 to two charities supported by the Club, namely Greenacres Association and the St George Special Industries.

The Club is now interested in focusing on its upcoming game against Brisbane this Sunday.