Dragons in full flight at WIN

The home crowd at WIN Stadium were going to accept nothing less than a win, and that's what the Dragons delivered, defeating the Broncos by 32 - 16.

The battle was tough, the crowd was vocal and the players were dead on their feet by the end, all signs of a good game.

The home side scooted away to a 10-0 lead by midway through the first half only to have the Broncos claw their way back into the game to be tied at 10 all for the halftime break.

Once again, 2 quick tries to the Dragons and the difference was back out to 10 points. They continued to hold out the Broncos with some great desperation defence.

A try to Tallis brought the Broncos back to within 4 points and a chance, however the Dragons finished on a roll with Gasnier scoring 2 tries in the match and Blacklock scoring the last try making 8 tries from 4 games. He is now equal top try scorer for the club so far in 2003.

The Broncos while making some unforced errors, put together moves than on other occasions would score points, but not tonight against a very enthusiastic Dragons side.


DRAGONS 32 Tries: Gasnier 2, Hornby, Kite, Cooper, Blacklock Goals: Riddell (3/4), Firman (1/2) defeated BRONCOS 16 Tries: Frawley, Ikin, Tallis Goals: Lockyer (2/3)

Friday 4 July 2003 7:30 PM WIN Stadium Referee: Stephen Clark

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - B Firman (Dragons) 2 - J Ryles (Dragons) 1 - D Lockyer (Broncos)

By the clock: 0 min: We have kick off!

9th min: NEWS - Solid start by both sides, no score as yet. Tate (Broncos) caught in a high shot but able to continue

14th min: NEWS - Still no give in either defensive line but both teams making ground in their sets

15th min: NEWS - First real chance for the Broncos to score. Lockyer spinning around in the tackle, still offloads and the ball is spread wide. Tate put a chip thru, tries to regather in goal but knocks on

19th min: TRY - Gasnier for Dragons. A dropped ball followed by a penalty all courtesy of Tallis set up the Dragons perfectly. 4th tackle, the Dragons looked wrapped up by the defence then Blacklock puts in a little grubber kick for Gasnier to score. Riddell from the sideline gets a beauty kick. Dragons 6-0

26th min: NEWS - The Dragons have stepped up a gear with players looking for work. Broncos had a chance after a break down the sideline, but the ball was lost forward in the end. Dragons still have the lead, 6-0

27th min: TRY - Hornby for Dragons. The right hand side for the Broncos is causing them strife. Great support play by the Dragons team to get Hornby over for the try. Firman from 10 metres in, misses the conversion. Dragons 10-0

33rd min: TRY - Frawley for Broncos. The Dragons hot on attack put in a soft kick picked up by McQuire. No defence and McQuire is through with Frawley backing up.Totally against the run of play. Lockyer, from 15 metres in, misses the conversion. Dragons 10-4

37th min: NEWS - Tallis (Broncos) regathers his own chip over the defensive line, looking dangerous, but passes to a Dragons player

40th min: TRY - Ikin for Broncos. To the tune of the Phantom siren, Ikin chips over the heads of the Dragons players, finding fresh air. Only has to pick up the ball and score, which he does. Lockyer adds the extra two points. 10 all

HALF TIME: Tight battle, will be a tough second half

46th min: TRY - Kite for Dragons. A scrum 15 metres out from their line, sets up Kite's try. Excellent ball control and the Dragons spread the defence enough to score. Riddell, 6 metres in from touch, hits the post and is over. Dragons 16-10

49th min: TRY - Gasnier for Dragons. Great play by the Dragons, throwing the ball around knowing there is support. Drawing the defence in, Gasnier is free out wide and comes in to score. Riddell from 16 metres in misses the conversion. Dragons 20-10

54th min: NEWS - The Dragons have had the 2nd half all their way with 2 tries and Brisbane making unforced errors. Timmins (Dragons) taking a bit of a knock but remains on the field. Dragons lead 20-10

59th min: NEWS - McQuire (Broncos) caught in a late tackle by Howell who is penalised for coming in late after McQuire's head had slammed into the ground accidentally

60th min: TRY - Tallis for Broncos. Following the penalty on Howell, a quick play by Berrigan, held beautifully by Swain is passed onto a flying Tallis who is under the posts unopposed. Lockyers gets the easy kick. Dragons 20-16

65th min: news - Exciting play by both teams, end to end stuff. Great defence

66th min: TRY - Cooper for Dragons. Line dropout and the Dragons are hot on attack. Great cut out pass by Ryles finds Wilshere. He tries to chip through, the ball just touches his boot and Cooper is there to gather and score right in the corner. Firman from the touch line gets a cracker. Dragons 26-16

71st min: NEWS - Tallis (Broncos) stopped from scoring right in the corner after some top defence by Blacklock and Firman

76th min: NEWS - The Broncos throwing everything at the Dragons, plays that would normally end up under the posts, but the defence is holding true. Dragons 26-16

78th min: TRY - Blacklock for Dragons. Once again the Dragons are on attack against the tired Broncos defence. Hornby draws the defence and Blacklock, always in support, gets over for the try. Riddell from out in front adds the extra 2 points. Dragons 32-16

FULL TIME: A well deserved victory to the home side