Dutch Union to relax cross code

Despite a very quiet period Rugby League is still very active in the Netherlands.

With the Union season in full swing the NNRLB have been working hard to get their ground work done on their development plans.

With the Union clubs being the target for a Dutch player base, plus playing facilities, the NNRLB have been out and about visiting clubs, watching games and players and approaching the Union officials about incorperating a League set up into their clubs.

One major break through was a meeting with Leo van Herwijnen from the NRB (Netherlands Rugby Bond).

Meneer van Herwijnen suprised the NNRLB with his knowledge of Rugby League until he confessed to (despite his long service award from the queen of the Netherlands for his services to Rugby Union)being a big fan of the thirteen aside game.

In the late eighties van Herwijnen was the team manager for the Holland side that competed in the the student world cup in England and has followed the progress of the NNRLB with interest.

He has promised to address the Dutch Union about their legal obligation to allow clubs and players to play League without any discrimination from the NRB. "I believe in this day and age the two codes can work side by side and I will be informing my fellow Bond members that they have to be more open to their member clubs and players about playing Rugby League".

If Meneer van Herwijnen is succesful in his efforts this could open the door for more Union clubs to get involved in playing League.