Eden Park Chasing the Warriors

Eden Park wants to be the new home ground of the Warriors.

Ground officials have held informal talks with the NRL club and are now putting together a formal proposal to present to them.

Eden Park Trust Board chief John Alexander says they are keen to attract a lot more sport to the stadium now that it has a new state-of-the-art playing surface.

The Warriors current contract with Ericsson Stadium is due to expire soon.

CEO Mick Watson says they will look at any Eden Park proposals, but would be hesitant to move away from Ericsson Stadium.

Watson says they are pretty much committed to Ericsson as their long-term home but did recently also look at Carlaw Park as an option.

"We are a fair way down the track of doing a new deal with the ARC," he says.

The Ericsson deal would be for 15 years.