Eels claim inaugural Johnny Mannah Cup

The players ran onto the field with one man on their mind. Johnny Mannah. Both teams lined up next to the trophy and had a moment of applause instead of silence for Jon Mannah.

Tim Mannah took the first hit up of the night and didn't stop there. The Eels attacked early and had numerous sets on their goal line. They cracked the Sharks defence at the 13th minute with a Ryan Morgan try.

The Sharks responded within 5 minutes and continued the trend of freakish tries in season 2013. On the last tackle, Michael Gordon kicked through and the ball bounced back from the crossbar, falling into Gordon's hands and he was over the under, right under the posts.

After a few goal line drop outs and repeat sets, the Eels struck again with Ryan Morgan crossing the line to score his second of the night. Chris Sandow converted the try from the Western side of the stadium and it was 10-6 leading into half time.

The second half included some frustrating footy from the Sharks. They had many opportunities on their goal line but couldn't crack the Eels line. Both teams played end-to-end footy until the Eels kicked a penalty goal from right infront to make it 12-6.

The field goal attempts began at the 67th minute with Chris Sandow and Ben Roberts attempting to make it a 7-point game. In the 74th minute, Luke Kelly kicked the field goal to wrap up this gritty win.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 13 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 6
Venue: Parramatta Stadium
Crowd: 11063
Halftime Score: Parramatta 10-6 Players of the Match:
3 points - Luke Kelly
2 points - Tim Mannah
1 point - Michael Gordon

Tries: Ryan Morgan (2)
Field Goals: Luke Kelly (1/1)
Conversions: Chris Sandow (1/2)
Penalty Goals: Chris Sandow (1/1)

Tries: Michael Gordon
Field Goals:
Conversions: Michael Gordon (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary


Eels - Cheyse Blair, Fuifui Moimoi and Kelepi Tanginoa starts. Mitchell Allgood and Joseph Paulo benched

1. Jarryd Hayne 2. Ken Sio 3. Ryan Morgan 18. Cheyse Blaie 5. Vai Toutai 6. Luke Kelly 7. Chris Sandow 16. Fuifui Moimoi 9. Matt Keating 10. Tim Mannah 11. Reni Maitua 12. Ben Smith 17. Kelepi Tanginoa

Interchange: 8. Mitch Allgood 13. Joseph Paulo 14. Ben Roberts 15. Darcy Lussick

Sharks - Jonathan Wright has been ruled out; Stewart Mills replaces him; Ben Ross moves to the bench which sees Chris Heighington starting

1. Michael Gordon 2. Nathan Stapleton 3. Ben Pomeroy 21. Stewart Mills 5. Beau Ryan 6. Chad Townsend 7. Jeff Robson 8. Andrew Fifita 9. John Morris 14. Chris Heighington 11. Luke Lewis 12. Wade Graham 13. Paul Gallen

Interchange: 10. Ben Ross 15. Jayson Bukuya 16. Isaac De Gois 17. Anthony Tupou
Welcome to Parramatta Stadium where today, both teams come together to celebrate Johnny Mannah's life, playing for the Johnny Mannah Cup.
The Eels are looking to bounce back from a 50-0 thrashing last week while the Sharks will be without Todd Carney who is injured.
The teams are out on the field, running past the Johnny Mannah Cup. There will be a tribute to Johnny Mannah now.
A moment's applause for Johnny Mannah.
Parramatta will run left to right and receive the ball first.
1 min: The Eels complete their first set
3 min: Luke Kelly puts up a huge bomb and Michael Gordon does not move as he catches the ball.
4 min: PENALTY EELS - Mills penalised for a hold down.
5 min: PENALTY EELS - Jarryd Hayne breaks through the line to be stopped by Gordon who is penalised. Full set on the goal line for Parramatta.
6 min: The Eels can't cross the line and it's a changeover.
8 min: Tim Mannah is making huge metres. Sandow finishes the set with a kick just inside the corner post. Sharks ball.
11 min: Parramatta run it on the last but can't break through again.
Scored by Ryan Morgan. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow unsuccessful.
Morgan breaks the line and scores in the corner for Parramatta's first points in a fortnight.
Parramatta Eels 4-0
16 min: Luke Lewis comes up quickly from the line and puts Vai Toutai on his back.
17 min: Cronulla looking dangerous going from sideline to sideline.
Scored by Michael Gordon. Conversion attempt by Michael Gordon successful.
The year of the freaky tries continues! On the last tackle, Michael Gordon kicks through and the ball bounces back from the crossbar, falling into Gordon's hands and he's over!
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 6-4
21 min: PENALTY SHARKS - Andrew Fifita held down too long and Sharks get another six.
23 min: Stewart Mills pushes the ball over the dead ball line. Goal Line drop out to Eels.
24 min: Stewart Mills yet again takes the ball dead. Another goal line drop out to Eels.
26 min: Michael Gordon is this time caught in goal after a Jarryd Hayne kick. Can Parramatta convert this opportunity?
27 min: PENALTY EELS - Sharks player holding down on Darcy Lussick.
28 min: Sharks finally get a break with Ken Sio taken over the sideline.
31 min: PENALTY EELS - Wade Graham is penalised for taking too long to get up off Jarryd Hayne
Scored by Ryan Morgan. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Jarryd Hayne drops it on his left foot on the last and it bounces onto Townsend. The ball jumps up back into Ryan Morgan's arms and he has his second of the night.
Parramatta Eels 10-6
36 min: Not long to go in this first half. Sharks have a fumble but complete their set.
37 min: Jarryd Hayne throws a beautiful pass but it was called forward but the touch judge.
38 min: Gallen is rampaging towards the goal line as the Sharks look dangerous. Goal line drop out to Sharks.
39 min: This time it's the Sharks with a forward pass. A scrum is called for Parramatta.
40 min: Parramatta lose the ball and it's play on. The Sharks quickly kick and Beau Ryan JUST misses a scoring chance. That's half time.
40 min: The teams are back out on the field. Parramatta will kick off and run right to left for this second half.
40 min: Paul Gallen has the first carry of this second half.
43 min: Ben Ross drops the ball on halfway and it's a Parramatta scrum.
44 min: Parramatta complete their set on their goal line but can't score or keep Sharks in goal.
46 min: Sandow kicks quickly and Beau Ryan takes the ball up to start another Sharks set.
47 min: Jarryd Hayne just avoids taking out the cameraman as the Sharks kick on the last.
49 min: Sharks get a penalty and quickly head down the field towards their goal line.
50 min: PENALTY SHARKS - Gallen has the ball stripped and the Sharks quickly tap the ball, 20m out.
51 min: Ken Sio jumps out of the line, forcing the ball out of Michael Gordon's hands.
52 min: Luke Kelly puts yet another impressive kick through to force a Sharks scrum.
53 min: Sharks ball runs dead and Parramatta get a 20m restart.
54 min: Hot potato footy here by Parramatta!
56 min: Sharks look to keep the ball alive but turn it over to the Eels in their own half.
57 min: Ben Roberts kicks across field and Beau Ryan drops the ball into Ryan Morgan's arms. He doesn't know the count has restarted and kicks but Cronulla knock on and it's an Eels scrum.
57 min: PENALTY EELS - Gallen pushes Fui Fui on his back who retaliates and throws the ball into Gallen. Bit of push and shove. Eels going for the 2.
Penalty goal attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Parramatta Eels 12-6
60 min: PENALTY SHARKS - Eels inside the 10.
61 min: PENALTY SHARKS - Paulo pushes in the tackle.
63 min: Sharks keep Sandow in goal and force a goal line drop out.
63 min: CROWD 11,063
64 min: Stewart Mills throws the ball way too wide and it goes over Nathan Stapleton's head.. a try gone begging..
65 min: Sharks keep up the defence and keep the Eels in their half. Jarryd Hayne kicks on last and it's a huge kick.
67 min: Cross kick by the Sharks. They almost score but Hayne picks up the loose ball and runs down field. The set ends with a Chris Sandow field goal attempt which is unsuccessful.
68 min: PENALTY SHARKS - Sharks are looking to even up this game as we enter the last 15 minutes.
68 min: Yet another cross field kick for Beau Ryan to knock back into Parramatta's hands. Change over.
Jeff Robson has lost the ball in the tackle not far out from the Sharks goal line.
72 min: Sandow puts up a bomb but Michael Gordon is too safe under the high ball. He makes heaps of metres down the field and takes the first tackle on halfway.
Paul Gallen loses control of the ball while trying to play the ball.
74 min: Ben Roberts attempts a field goal but a Sharks player knocks it down and it goes dead. Goal line drop out.
Field goal attempt by Luke Kelly successful.
Parramatta Eels 13-6
76 min: Luke Kelly kicks the ball dead to wind down time.
79 min: Sharks have stopped the clock with 30 seconds to go and are running the ball around.