Eels deliver Osborne inquiry verdict

The Board of the Parramatta National Rugby League Club met tonight to receive the report of an inquiry initiated on 6 October, 2011.

The inquiry was convened to investigate whether there were any probity issues concerning the administration of the Chief Executive of the Club, Mr Paul Osborne.

The issues raised included the Chief Executive's role in staff, sponsorship, and player contracts, together with the use of his Company credit card.

The Board authorised its Deputy Chairman Mr Sid Kelly OAM, Director Mr Mario Libertini, and the Club's solicitor Mr Bryan Belling of Middletons Lawyers to conduct the inquiry.

The report found that there were no probity issues arising with respect to staff, sponsorship and player contracts.

The report also explored in detail the Chief Executive's use of his Company credit card, and is satisfied that all personal expenditure had been reimbursed under his contractual arrangements.

The inquiry identified areas in which contract administration can be improved and action in that respect will be undertaken.

A previous complaint against Mr Osborne by a female staff member was finalised at a Board meeting on 6 October. Whilst that complaint was upheld by the Board, it was of insufficient grounds for any further action.