Eels first half blows away Bulldogs

The Parramatta Eels have defeated the Canterbury Bulldogs 32-16 in front of a crowd of over 34,000 at ANZ Stadium tonight. The win was set up in the opening 12 minutes as the Eels got out to a 16-0 lead, and they led 28-4 at half time.

The Eels got off to a fantastic start, their forwards laid the platform for a length of the field opening set finished off by a 20 metre run to the line for Jarryd Hayne.

It only took six minutes for the Eels to double their lead when Hayne sliced through the line to score his second.

The game was all but over by 11 minutes as a simple spread to the right saw Krisnan Inu score to make it 16-0.

The Bulldogs showed signs of possibly coming back, with 301 game veteran Brett Kimmorley scoring in the Bulldogs first attacking foray.

Any real hope of a comeback was extinguished as Parramatta scored a carbon copy of their third try - Inu claiming his second in the corner.

Only five minutes later they extended their lead to 28-4 as Ben Smith scored through some meek defence.

The Bulldogs did get several attacking opportunities in the last 10 minutes of the half, however the Eels defence held strong for them to take their 24 point lead to half time.

After halftime the Bulldogs finally came out to play, and scored just eight minutes into the half after Ben Barba scored after Morris deflected his bomb.

11 minutes later the Bulldogs got the margin back to 12 points with Andrew Ryan scoring when Jarryd Hayne knocked on fielding a bomb.

In the 62nd minute the Eels were awarded a relatively soft penalty for stripping the ball right in front of the posts, and Luke Burt kicked the goal to put the Eels out to 30-16.

The Bulldogs nearly came up with a fantastic try after a kick to the wing and keeping the ball alive, but Hayne produced a fantastic full speed try saving tackle to deny David Stagg.

The final scoring action was a 69th minute penalty goal to Burt, after the Eels were awarded an embarrassingly soft penalty for a late tackle on Jarryd Hayne.

The end of the game petered out to the inevitable conclusion, and the Eels possible dream run to the finals continued with a 32-16 victory, while the Bulldogs season looks to be all over.

Match Details
Canterbury Bulldogs 16 were defeated by Parramatta Eels 32
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 20 - Friday July 23, 2010 7:35pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Tony Archer and Gavin Badger
Video Referee: Bill Harrigan
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Russell Turner
Crowd: 34,662
Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 4 Parramatta Eels 28 players of the match:
3 Points - Fuifui Moimoi
2 Points - Jarryd Hayne (2 Tries)
1 Point - Michael Ennis

Canterbury Bulldogs (16)
Tries: Andrew Ryan, Ben Barba, Brett Kimmorley
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (2/3)

Parramatta Eels (32)
Tries: Ben Smith, Jarryd Hayne (2), Krisnan Inu (2)
Conversions: Luke Burt (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Luke Burt (2/2) Live Commentary 1 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY Parramatta Eels
First set of the match and the Eels go the length of the field before Hayne runs 20 metres to score. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Parramatta Eels 6-0
6 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY Parramatta Eels
Scored by Jarryd Hayne. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Parramatta Eels 12-0
11 min: TRY
TRY Parramatta Eels
Eels spread the ball right to Inu who scores. It's a massacre! Conversion attempt by Luke Burt unsuccessful.
Parramatta Eels 16-0
17 min: TRY
TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Scored by Brett Kimmorley. Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin unsuccessful.
Parramatta Eels 16-4
21 min: Patten makes a break and in passing to support, throws it to an Eels player.
23 min: Ennis puts in a poor kick to Inu, who centres play and Hayne makes a half break up the middle before getting a penalty. Eels back on attack.
25 min: TRY
TRY Parramatta Eels
Eels in again. Simple passing to create an overlap and Inu scores out wide again. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Parramatta Eels 22-4
26 min: Eels destroying the Bulldogs up the middle at the moment, Dogs with almost no answers.
27 min: Good set of six after the try and the Eels find touch two metres out.
28 min: Toyota Cup result - Bulldogs won 30-28. Eels led 22-0 at half time.
29 min: Bulldogs lose the ball coming out of their own end.
30 min: TRY
TRY Parramatta Eels
Eels get the ball to Smith in a bit of space and he has no trouble running past Barba and through some soft defence to score. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Parramatta Eels 28-4
34 min: Bulldogs get a penalty and a rare attacking opportunity.
34 min: Idris gets the ball and runs over Mortimer so hard he hit the ground and bounced. Bulldogs get a repeat set.
37 min: An iffy decision gets the Eels the ball back after an Ennis grubber.
38 min: Eels spread the ball wide and it ends up on the ground and Kimmorley recovers and puts the Dogs back on attack.
38 min: Tandy knocks on.
39 min: Starting to rain at Homebush.
40 min: Half time, the Eels are in complete control over the Bulldogs. It's not an unreasonable call to suggest the Bulldogs season is all but officially over.
40 min: Back underway at the Olympic Stadium!
45 min: Bulldogs get a penalty and will go on attack.
45 min: Rain has cleared up, however the field is obviously still slippery.
46 min: Hayne cleans up an Ennis kick.
48 min: TRY
TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Barba puts up a bomb for Morris who out-jumps and bats the ball back to Barba who scores. Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin successful.
Parramatta Eels 28-10
50 min: Ennis makes a break and finds support only for the Dogs to be dragged down inches short. They keep the ball alive on the next play and eventually get a line drop out.
52 min: Eels hold out again, but the Bulldogs will get yet another repeat set.
53 min: Bulldogs knock on and the Eels get out of danger.
56 min: Eels have started to fall asleep, relying on Cayless to kick on the last tackle. Admittedly it did nearly pull up inside the dead ball line.
57 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...
57 min: TRY
TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Hayne knocks on under a bomb, on the next play the ball goes to Andrew Ryan who scores. Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin successful.
Parramatta Eels 28-16
60 min: It's taken an hour but the Bulldogs seem to have finally arrived tonight.
61 min: Dogs make a break off a forward pass and play gets called back.
PENALTY GOAL Parramatta Eels
The Bulldogs are penalised contentiously for stripping the ball and Luke Burt puts the Eels up by 14.
Parramatta Eels 30-16
65 min: Bulldogs are called back for another forward pass.
67 min: Patten makes a half break recovering a grubber kick.
68 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...
68 min: NO TRY - Kimmorley kicks for Turner, and the Bulldogs keep the ball alive before it gets to Stagg who is taken down in a fantastic try saving tackle at full speed.
69 min: Embarrassing penalty for a late tackle on Hayne after he kicked the ball, and the Eels will kick for goal.
PENALTY GOAL Parramatta Eels
Penalty goal attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Parramatta Eels 32-16
70 min: CROWD - 34,662
72 min: Eels lose the ball on attack.
73 min: Barba tackled in possession on the last.
76 min: Mortimer chips and chases for himself, only to knock on in the tackle.
78 min: Bulldogs look like putting together a possible try, but Andrew Ryan knocks on.
79 min: Eels get a repeat set and will most likely finish the game in possession.
80 min: Fulltime. A very enjoyable game, but a possible great finish rubbed out by two very questionable penalties awarded to the Eels.

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