Eels make it four in a row

Fulltime score: Round 13 Parramatta Eels 32 v Penrith Panthers 22

Match summary: A packed house yet again at Penrith Football Stadium on a Sunday afternoon were disappointed to see the home side go down to a spirited Parramatta side by 32-22.

The rate of attrition playing a big part in the Panthers game with injuries to Gower, Pritchard, Waterhouse and Wesser taking their toll throughout the match. Just over 60 minutes into the game, and the Penrith side had just the 1 interchange left in the match.

The speed of Grothe, the power of Widders, and the strength of their defence all contributing to the Eels victory as they headed to their 4th successive win in the 2005 season.

With the halftime score favouring the Eels by 16-10, the plays by both Grothe and Widders started to carve through the tiring Panthers defence who with injuries compounding, were out on their feet at the end of 80 minutes.

The Eels with their victory at the Penrith Stadium, now move into 4th spot on the competition ladder while the Panthers are an uncharacteristic 13th.

Scorers: PENRITH PANTHERS 22 Tries: Lewis 2, Swain, Galea Goals: Campbell 3/4 PARRAMATTA EELS 32 Tries: Morrison, Grothe, Widders, Wagon, Ben Smith, Cayless Goals: Burt 4/6

Penrith Football Stadium Crowd: 18,519 Referee: Sean Hampstead Half time: Eels 16-10

Live commentary: 0 min: Kick off at a packed Penrith Stadium

5th min: NEWS - A steady start for both sides in glorious conditions.

6th min: TRY - Eels A mistake by the Panthers allows the Parramatta side possession on the 40 metre line. Morrison from dummy half takes on the opposition and runs the 60 metres to score. Burt just misses the conversion from the sideline. Eels 4-0

9th min: TRY - Eels 5th tackle option by the Eels halfback Smith 30 metres out from his line, puts up the high kick to the wing. Grothe leaping high, plucks the ball out of the air superbly and runs unopposed to the line. Burt with another kick from way out, adds the extra points. Eels 10-0

13th min: NEWS - Gower (Panthers) caught in an accidental head clash has blood streaming down his face. Off to the back of the pack for a quick fix

19th min: NEWS - The Penrith Panthers starting to gain a bit of momentum, their finishing off letting them down

21st min: TRY - Panthers A penalty close to the line, followed by a scrum 20 metres out allows the Panthers ample possession to score. Quick hands from the scrum and Lewis cuts in to score. Campbell adds the 2 points. Eels 10-6

23rd min: NEWS - Hindmarsh (Eels) on report for a high shot on Wesser. An apologetic Hindmarsh checking all is okay after the event

26th min: NEWS - Pritchard (Panthers) off the field with a leg injury. Eels holding their narrow lead by 10-6

29th min: NEWS - Gower (Panthers) having to leave to field with a fresh explosion of blood from his earlier head clash injury

32nd min: TRY - PANTHERS From the other end of the field, 2 penalties going Penrith's way gives the home side terrific field position which they capitalised on perfectly. Swain bursting through two defenders manages to dot the ball down. Campbell from 8 metres in from touch, hits the post and misses the conversion. 10 all

36th min: NEWS - The tide has turned. A huge punt down to the Panthers in goal is knocked on by McKinnon, the Eels fullback, giving the Panthers perfect field position yet again. Unfortunately, Lewis has to catch a pass near to the ground and knocks on

38th min: TRY - Eels From the resulting position, quick play to Grothe allows him to slip through the gap, running 60 metres plus, with Widders in support who scores. Burt converts. Eels 16-10

40th min: NEWS - Right on the hooter, Widders is denied his 2nd try as he calls up a forward pass.

HALFTIME: A very even contest. Injuries to Gower and Pritchard a concern for the Penrith side. The Eels hold the lead, 16-10

Second half underway. Pritchard out for the rest of the game with cartilage damage to his knee, Gower has returned to the field

45th min: NEWS - Gower (Panthers) with strapping right around his head, tries to hide the dripping blood out of his nose from the ref, but is caught out. A few wipes and he's back playing

47th min: NEWS - No change to the score since the break, with both sides having their chances. Eels lead 16-10

49th min: TRY - EELS Straight up through the middle of the ruck, Widders sets sail for the other end of the field at the 30 metre mark. An ankle tap by Campbell halts his flow but he is able to pass to Wagon who scores. Burt adds the extras. Eels 22-10

54th min: NEWS - Grothe is having a blinder out on the wing for the Parramatta side. A dangerous high kick to his wing, calmly diffused with a high leap

59th min: NEWS - Wesser (Panthers) leaves the field with a hip injury, and is up the tunnel

60th min: TRY - PANTHERS A seemingly nothing kick from Gower out to Lewis's wing is superbly timed by kicker and receiver with Lewis leaping high bringing the ball down over the line. Campbell converts. Eels 22-16

63rd min: NEWS - The attrition rate for the Penrith side continues as Waterhouse heads to the sideline. 1 interchange player left for the Panthers, 4 left for the Eels

68th min: TRY - EELS Grothe once again making the metres setting up solid play for his side on the first tackle. Fifth tackle option by Smith is a little kick in goal. Cayless between two Penrith defenders, nabs the ball and scores. Burt converts. Eels 28-16

74th min: TRY - EELS The nail in the coffin as quick hands through the attack allows Ben Smith over out wide with Morrison and Widders attracting 2 and 3 defenders in the play. Burt misses the conversion. Eels 32-16

80th min:TRY - PANTHERS The home side finish the match with a try, albeit too late,. A penalty close to the line and Galea touches the ball done just on the paint. Campbell converts. Eels 32-22

FULLTIME: In the end a comprehensive victory to the Parramatta side, the Panthers suffering a number of injuries. Final score 32-22 to the Eels

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - D Widders (Eels) 2 - E Grothe (Eels) 1 - G Morrison (Eels) -----------------------------------------