Eels make themselves clear

The Parramatta Eels have today warned that fans who cause trouble at their home matches will face harsh punishment and life bans.

The warning comes after the NRL confirmed it would dock competition points from clubs whose supporters caused major trouble at matches.

The league sent a harsh warning to clubs last night, saying it would not tolerate poor behaviour from supporters at NRL matches. The Bulldogs are the first club to experience the brunt of the new rule, with four competition points held in ?suspension? following last Friday?s brawl at Aussie Stadium.

Should another incident involving Bulldogs fans occur, the club will automatically be docked the four points from their 2004 tally.

Parramatta CEO Denis Fitzgerald says the club want to help ensure that the game remains safe for everybody.

?There have been very few incidents in the 18 years that Parramatta Stadium has been operating,? Mr Fitzgerald said. ?We are determined to ensure that the safety and security of spectators is maintained at all times.?

Parramatta Stadium Trust General Manager Rob Walker says that as a minimum, spectators causing trouble at games will be immediately ejected from the Stadium, and are liable to on the spot fines as well as life bans.

?Parramatta Stadium has a reputation for being a safe and friendly venue which encourages family values, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that is upheld?, Mr Walker said.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs have been asked to wear the brunt of a bill totalling $8,000 for damage caused by their supporters at Aussie Stadium last Friday.

Costs include damage to a number of seats and the forced hiring of extra security.