Eels warned over behaviour

No action will be taken against four Parramatta players after the NRL club officially cleared them of misconduct during an alleged incident last week.

Eels management completed their full investigation into last Thursday's alleged incident at Sydney's Intersection Hotel in Ramsgate involving Tim Smith, Eric Grothe, Daniel Wagon and Ben Smith. Tim Smith was alleged to have been drinking at the establishment, breaking a self-imposed alcohol ban he had made earlier in the year after a series of off-field problems.

Grothe was alleged to have been ejected for being too intoxicated. But Eels investigations found that SMITH had not been drinking and Grothe was not directly asked to leave the premises, but a member of the public drinking with the players was refused service.

Eels boss Denis Fitzgerald has warned his players to be mindful of their off-field behaviour - particularly when in licensed premises.