Eight Welsh clubs to compete in
2004 RL Conference

Nine Welsh Rugby League clubs will do battle in the TotalRL.com Summer Conference with the entrance of the Newport Titans and North Wales Coasters into the premier competition.

Rumney, who were based around the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), were the only Welsh club not to continue on from the highly successful 2003 season for Rugby League in the Valleys. Their position has been taken up by new club, Newport Titans, who will draw from their Rugby Union ranks to provide the side with a significant amount of depth.

Cardiff Demons, who last year competed in the South West conference, will participate in the Welsh conference for season 2004, which will have a changed format for this year. Instead of the situation last year where the top two clubs from Wales entered the Summer Conference final series, this time around the Welsh will play their own Grand Final, with the winner of that competition entering the main competition?s quarter finals.

Other changes to the Welsh conference include the Swansea Bulls changing their name to the Swansea Valley Miners, and the Cynon Valley Cougars expanding their reach to a few of the surrounding areas and now being known as RCM (Rhonda/Cynon/Merthyr) Cougars.

North Wales Coasters, who have finally made it into the conference after many years of trying will start off in the North West Division competition simply based upon a geographic decision by the competition administrators.

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