El Masri breaks record
in victory against Knights

Round 13
Canterbury Bulldogs 38 v Newcastle Knights 22
at Telstra Stadium
Referees: Paul Simpkins

Match Summary:

The Bulldogs have bounced back to form with a crushing 38 points to 22 victory over the Newcastle Knights at Telstra Stadium tonight. Things were looking interesting coming in to the second half with the score line locked at 16 all. However a rampant forward display by the Bulldogs to begin the second half led to the 2 points heading out to Belmore tonight.
The Knights opened the scoring with a penalty goal via a Willie Mason high tackle but only minutes later the Bulldogs hit back through a try to Hazem El Masri as he somehow stayed in the field of play off the back of a great flick pass from Sonny Bill. The lead then changed again moments later as Irish winger Brian Carney flew on to a Daniel Holdsworth intercept pass as he then ran 60 metres to put the Knights back in front.
The Knights skipped further away moments later off a great offload from the newly shaved Kirk Reynoldson onto Clint Newton who scored beside the posts to put the scoreboard out to 12-4.
The doggies then got back into the game through Corey Hughes scoring his first of his double from a scoot from dummy half to reduce the margin to 2 points. Moments later, the home side were back in front as lock, Tony Grimaldi offloaded to man of the moment Hughes who dived over for his double and a 16-12 lead just before the half time break.
The Knights were thinking points not halftime, as some quick hands just before the siren sounded saw winger Anthony Quinn scoring 1 of his 2 tries to lock up the ball game at 16all at the break.
The Bulldogs got off to a blinder in the second half with 2 quick tries to El Masri and Holdsworth. The El Masri try was a bit controversial as a forward pass by Hughes was knocked on by a Knights player and then dived on by El Masri, as the video referee Phil Cooley could not rule on forward passes, the try was awarded. As a result, the Bulldogs led 28-16.
The sealer of the game occurred just 13 minutes from time as a neat grubber kick by newly re-instated halfback Brent Sherwin was put through and El Masri was there to grab a hattrick.
The Knights had a slimmer of hope 5 minutes later as Knights winger Anthony Quinn bagged a double as he grubbered through for himself and won the race to the ball to get the margin back within 10.
However, the night was definitely that of the Bulldogs and to cap it off, Reni Maitua did one of his renowned in and aways as he skipped downfield to score in the corner on full time. El Masri?s conversion was successful and the final score line read 38-22 which was El Masri?s 600th career goal.

Canterbury Bulldogs: 38
Tries: Hazem El Masri(3), Corey Hughes(2), Reni Maitua, Daniel Holdsworth
Goals: Hazem El Masri 5/7
Newcastle Knights: 22
Tries: Clint Newton, Anthony Quinn(2), Brian Carney
Goals: Andrew Johns 3/5

By the Clock:
With pitch inspectors picking rain for most of the weekend,mother nature had held off for the game of the round here at Telstra Stadium.For the Knights,Tanner goes back to the bench,Newtown into the 2nd Row and the Bushranger,Kirk Reynoldson into lock.For the Doggies,young gun Billy Ngawini drops off a 5 man bench.A nice big crowd in as Johns leads the Knights out onto the park.The Doggies are lead out by Andrew Ryan.

1 min: NEWS Simpkins blows time on!

7 min: NEWS Some good covering by Anthony Quinn saves a try as a nice grubber by Sherwin was put into the ingoal for a flying Reni Maitua.

10 min: PENALTY GOAL Newcastle Knights
After a penalty for a high-shot by Willie Mason,Andrew Johns slots the opening points of the game from right in front.
Knights 2-0

12 min: NEWS Danny Buderus covers well as he ankle taps Trent Cutler over the sideline as he beats the first line of Newcastle's defence.

13 min: NEWS Video ref for Bulldogs try...

14 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Hazem El Masri does freakishly well to stay in as he dives for the corner off a great flick pass from Sonny Bill Williams.
El Masri from the sideline hooks the kick.
Bulldogs 4-2

17 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Brian Carney takes an intercept off a Daniel Holdsworth pass an runs 60 metres to put the Knights back in front.
Johns from out wide hits the post.
Knights 6-4

22 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Kirk Reynoldson close to the line gives a great offload to Clint Newtown who scores adjacent to the uprights.
Johns converts the try.
Knights 12-4

25 min: NEWS The Doggies have good field position off a charge down of a Johns kick.Now they get a penalty from a high tackle.

27 min: NEWS Going to the video for a doggies try...

27 min: NEWS No Try - Mason knocks the ball on then Knights lock Kirk Reynoldson has the ball stripped from him .. no advantage played.

30 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
From dummyhalf,Corey Hughes dives over to get the doggies back into the game.
El Masri from next to the posts converts.
Knights 12-10

35 min: NEWS Kurt Gidley gives the Bulldogs a great chance before halftime as he knocks on a wobbly grubber from Andrew Ryan on his 30.

36 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Hughes grabs a double under the posts Holdsworth promotes the ball,Grimaldi keeps the ball alive and Hughes dives through a staggered defence line.
El Masri converts.
Bulldogs 16-12

40 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Anthony Quinn scores a vital try before the break as some quick hands in the centrefield creates an overlap for Carmont who finds Quinn to score in the corner.
Johns can't convert from the sideline.
16 all.

Halftime - We are witnessing a quality game of football with good go forward by both sides especially the forwards.The Knights are gaining their advantage through an open ruck area however the doggies are playing well thanks to good metres gained from their big front rowers.

Second half underway!

50 min: NEWS Sonny BIll Williams makes a prospering run down field,he gets his arm free but the ball deflects off Quinn into touch.

51 min: NEWS Going to the video for a dogs try...

51 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
From dummy half,Hughes throws a forward pass that is knocked on by Quinn,El Masri is there to pounce on the ball and score.As the video referee can't check on forward passes,it was given the green light.
El Masri converts his own try.
Bulldogs 22-16

55 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Five-eight Daniel Holdsworth slides through some poor defence to just about make the margin too big for the Knights.
El Masri converts
Bulldogs 28-16

60 min: NEWS Johns scoops up a loose ball and passes to Carmont who races down 60 metres before being tackled by El Masri.No Knights players were near him,so he plays the ball back to no-one and the Doggies dive onto it.

65 min: NEWS Sonny Bill makes a line break .. when passing the ball,it is knocked down backwards by Craig Smith but then is knocked forward by Bulldog Trent Cutler.

67 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
A Sherwin grubber into the corner is taken beautifully by El Masri to score his hattrick.
El Masri hits the post when trying to kick his 600th goal from the sideline.
Bulldogs 32-16

71 min: NEWS NO TRY - Knights backrower Clint Newton drops the ball just short of the line as a result of a last gasp tackle by Trent Cutler.

72 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Winger Anthony Quinn keeps the ball alive,then grubbers through and wins the race to the ball to shorten the deficate.
Johns converts from outwide.
Bulldogs 32-22

75 min: NEWS No time left now for the Knights,after a good attacking raid,Kirk Reynoldson loses the ball in the tackle.

79 min: TRY Canterbury Bulldogs
Reni Maitua caps off a great night for the blue and whites as he gets outside his opposite number with a good in and away to score in the corner ... give that man a contract!!!
El Masri fro 600 goals ... hooks back and is there!
Bulldogs 38-22

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 - Mark O
2 - Sonny Bill Williams
1 - Danny Buderus