El Masri fails to help police

The Bulldogs are continuing to test the patience of police, with winger Hazem El Masri today refusing to answer questions relating to the alleged sexual assault of a woman in Coffs Harbour last month. El Masri also refused to give police a DNA sample.

El Masri's lawyer claims the talented speedster and goal kicker feels offended at being brought into questioning over the alleged assault. He says El Masri knows his rights and challenged police to obtain a court order if they wanted to get a DNA sample from the 173-game veteran.

Earlier today Bulldogs players arrived at the Sydney Police Centre more than two hours late, again wearing thongs, t-shirts and jeans. Yesterday, a number of players arrived for questioning with "We Play Dirty" printed across their shirts.

Bulldogs captain Steve Price today became the first player to speak to the media legitimately when he appeared on the Nine Network's 'A Current Affair'.

"I have got a wife and kids and all the other players have family," Price told Ray Martin.

"They're not necessarily copping flak, but you are painted as being guilty just because of the way it's being portrayed in the media.

"The hardest thing is when you walk down the street, you walk past people and you wonder what they think about you."

Police say they are satisfied with the progress of their investigation thus far and have confirmed they are currently looking at new leads.