Extra Time Rained Out: Bulldogs Steal One Over the Eels

The Bulldogs have sealed a much needed two competition points as they sealed a win over the Parramatta Eels 8-7 in front of a brave 15,126 at ANZ Stadium. Three field goals in the match to give the Dogs the win in poor conditions.

A low scoring affair with the rain making it hard to handle the ball and it showed as it took 28 minutes until we saw points on the board. But the Parramatta side went over the line early but to be denied by the Video Referee for a knock on against Taniela Lasalo.

The first points of the night came as Trent Hodkinson opened up the Eels line and went through the line and Josh Reynolds backing up in support for his try. Canterbury Bulldogs making it 6-0 with the conversion.

The first half in the rain made it hard to hold onto possession when you had it, as a total of 12 errors coming early which didn't aid the efforts of the Eels to hit back at points. So the score remained 6 - 0 at the break.

Things didn't seem to be going the way of the Eels in the match, but that was until the 49th minute with Jarryd Hayne running into the line and stealing the ball to streak away 70 metres for an intercept try. Luke Burt plotted the conversion to lock it up at 6-all.

The Bulldogs have to be credited not only for the win but for the massive defensive effort they produced on their line in both halves as the Eels failed to secure any more tries. But the Eels did get the ball rolling towards a win with a field goal from in front of the posts being popped over by Hayne in one of his good efforts of the night. Eels fans hoping for a win making it 7-6 with 5 minutes to play.

With 2 minutes left on the clock and the Dogs getting into a good position to lock it up and they took the opportunity with Trent Hodkinson with a beautiful side-of-the-boot kick to level it at 7-7 with the field goal.

For the second week in a row the Parramatta Eels were headed to golden point. The first half of extra time saw two attempts at field goal from the Bulldogs as they tried to seal the win but both failing to cross the bar. At the end of the 5 minutes we had a change of ends and the Bulldogs looking to make the most of their chances with Trent Hodkinson with amazing kick from 41 metres out and the ball sailed over the uprights as the hopes of a final's run from the Eels sunk with the ball.

Full time from ANZ Stadium, and the Bulldogs getting the much deserved 2 points, defeating the Parramatta Eels 8 points to 7 in the second period of extra time. At this stage the Eels season isn't looking crash hot as they face the Storm next week whilst the Bulldogs will travel to the SFS to take on the Roosters.

Match Details
Canterbury Bulldogs 8 defeated Parramatta Eels 7
National Rugby League - Round 20 - Friday July 22, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Alan Shortall and Gerard Sutton
Video Referee: Tim Mander
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Adam Gee
Crowd: 15,126
Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 6 Parramatta Eels 0

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Trent Hodkinson (1 Conversion, 2 Field Goals)
2 Points - Jarryd Hayne (1 Try, 1 Field Goal)
1 Point - Josh Reynolds (1 Try)

Tries: Josh Reynolds
Field Goals: Ben Roberts (0/1), Trent Hodkinson (2/3)
Conversions: Trent Hodkinson (1/1)

Tries: Jarryd Hayne
Field Goals: Jarryd Hayne (1/2)
Conversions: Luke Burt (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good Evening League Fans, First grade kick off is moments away. The Bulldogs are as per program 1 through 17. However for the Eels, Maitua moves into the centres, and Ryan Morgan is out. Jeff Robson (in jersey 18) moves into the halves, Casey McGuire onto the bench, Shane Shackleton also out as a result, number 23, Joseph Paulo on the bench.
Both sides running out onto a cold, windy, and wet ANZ Stadium surface. The rain is holding off for now however expect it to return at any time. Should be a good contest here tonight, last time these sides faced off we saw 4 players sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes.
Alan Shortall gets us underway as the rain has returned here at ANZ Stadium. It's 12th verus 13th tonight here in sydney.
1 min: Good defence early from the Bulldogs holding the Eels inside their own 30 metre line with Johnathan Wright returning the ball from the kick.
1 min: The wet conditions showing early as Andrew Ryan taking a hit up losing it and Moi Moi doing the same forcing a scrum feed for a double knock on.
2 min: Penalty to the Eels for the Bulldogs being offside at the scrum. Eels with their first chance at the dogs line.
4 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING. Eels going over the line.
4 min: NO TRY! Taniela Lasalo ruled to have knocked on at the line. The penalty to the Eels for Tim Lafai blocking a player. The no try coming for a double knock on. Eels with the ball for another set on the Bulldogs 10 metre line.
4 min: Eels sliding attacking left and right, the Bulldogs good line defence, however a hand from the dogs. As a result zero tackle called.
4 min: Eels sliding attacking left and right, the Bulldogs good line defence, however a hand from the dogs. As a result zero tackle called.
4 min: Another penalty to the Eels for a dogs hand being in the ruck, quick tap taken on the dogs line.
5 min: Goal Line drop out for the Eels, the Bulldogs through Jamal Idris have grounded the ball in goals to force the goal line drop out.
6 min: Make that the fourth penalty against the Bulldogs for Idris committing too much in the ruck. Eels with their 4th set at the line.
7 min: Bulldogs hold out the Eels again at their line. 6 repeat sets for the Eels for no points. Possession with the Eels 85% to Bulldogs 15%. Ben Barba at the end of the set for the Dogs.
8 min: Bulldogs failing to get to their kick at the end of the their set. Change over with the Eels inside the dogs half
9 min: Zero tackle at the end of the set for the Bulldogs as the Eels try to offload through Moi Moi, however he knocked on.
9 min: First penalty against the Eels now, the Bulldogs opting for the kick at touch. They attacking inside the eels 40m line.
10 min: Johnathan Wright making some good metres for the Bulldogs, however at the end of the set a grubber to the line collected by Ben Smith and he makes a break and then wrapped up by the Bulldogs covering defence.
10 min: Another penalty to the Eels for the Bulldogs again having the hands in the ruck. Referee warning Andrew Ryan that the Bulldogs are giving away penalties. Count at 5-1.
12 min: Another penalty to the Eels for the Bulldogs again having the hands in the ruck. Referee warning Andrew Ryan that the Bulldogs are giving away penalties. Count at 5-1.
14 min: The Eels have had 12 sets now and 90% of those have been at the Bulldogs line and failed to get points. The Bulldogs have now after another Eels set at their line have forced the second line drop out.
14 min: Not the best drop out from the Bulldogs, only going 30 meters. Eels with a good chance.
15 min: The Eels again failing to get points from another repeat side. The Bulldogs force the error.
15 min: Ben Roberts with a beautiful kick in the wet weather he has kicked a 30/20. Bulldogs with their first real chance at the Eels line from the kick, as the rain continues.
17 min: Interesting call against hayne, knock on the call from the referee. Jamal Idris may of knocked on in the attempt to offload however, the Bulldogs with their first repeat side at the line.
18 min: Bulldogs off their repeat set going to the air however no points. Luke Burt grounding the ball giving the Dogs a goal line drop out, which isn't one of the best kicks just making the 30m line.
20 min: Bulldogs getting a penalty now and they opting with a quick tap.
21 min: Bulldogs trying to pass out quickly, Pritchard knocks on, Eels with the zero tackle count.
22 min: Hayne going to the air on the last, and it was allowed to bounce. Ben Smith came up with the ball, he ran into the Bulldogs line looking for a hole, however to no avail. Turn over the ruling to the dogs inside their 20m.
24 min: Burt going for a grubber kick into the goals. Roberts catching the ball and quickly passing to Ben Barba for him to run out.
24 min: We have time off here at ANZ Stadium, Injury to Josh Reynolds for a tackle which has been deemed an accident. Eels with the ball from the time on call. Parramatta attacking inside the dogs 30m line.
25 min: Eels coughing up the ball for the dogs again. Another chance at the line gone begging. Jamal Idris coming up with the ball.
27 min: Long rolling kick from the Eels as the Bulldogs bring the ball out of goals. A Banana kick from hayne on replay a good kick going down to the left corner.
28 min: TRY
TRY! Finally after end to end football in wet weather and the Bulldogs making the Eels pay for not getting points early. Trent Hodkinson opened up the Eels line and went through the line and Josh Reynolds backing up in support. Hodkinson popping the pass for Reynolds to dive over for out first points of the night.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0
31 min: Bulldogs starting to get going in attacking. Hodkinson getting his step on.
31 min: Martin Taupau in a great run for the Bulldogs into the Eels line, however that has cost him his match it seems at this stage. He has come off.
33 min: A poor high bomb from the Eels, the Bulldogs making light work of the floating ball and they attack inside their own 30m line.
34 min: Juston horo saving the day for the Eels. From halfway the Bulldogs spreading it wide to the wing and Jonathan Wright going for a run down the sideline before kicking back inside but covered up by the Eels though Horo. Goal line drop out for the Bulldogs.
35 min: The Bulldogs getting another drop out. Make that the 7th of the match.
37 min: Knock on against the Eels, Hindy showing the shorts down with the ball. Scrum feed with the Bulldogs only 10 metres from the Parramatta line looking for more points.
38 min: Knock on now with the Bulldogs, failing to hold it Reynolds as the dogs tried to spread it to the left and open up the Eels. However the Eels get the scrum feed.
39 min: Ben Barba looking more comfortable under the high ball taking it on the full as the Eels tried an air raid assault, but failing to pull off anything.
40 min: HALFTIME: The rain continues to fall and an expected score in this weather. Bulldogs leading the Parramatta Eels 6 points to NIL.
The Bulldogs have the only points in this wet and wild match at ANZ Stadium. The single try coming 28 minutes into the game, despite the eels having 12 sets at the dogs line in the space of 10 minutes for no points. The Eels haven't show they can get over the line with good goal line defence, however we did go to the Video Referee for a possible Reni Maitua, but red lights shown for a knock on.

In the first half was have seen 7 penalties from the referees with poor discipline from the Bulldogs. However after the Bulldogs had some more possession the match levelled out to 49% possession with the Bulldogs to 51% of the Eels.

It is anyone's game still, however it's going to be a tough contest and a fight to the end. however the eels are going to need to change their tactics at the line for points.
40 min: Second half underway with the Parramatta side kicking off down to the Bulldogs for their first use.
41 min: Jarryd Hayne for the Eels going for a skip and a run and making a break running down field. Good work from him however the eels on the last trying to a grubber away but Barba collecting. Penalty at the end of it all for a steal after the held call was made. Bulldogs attacking inside the half of the Eels.
43 min: A poor kick from Josh Reynolds at the end of the Bulldogs second set in his half. Ben Smith with an easy catch.
43 min: Jeff Robson not with the best kick down field going dead over the line. 20m tap for the Bulldogs.
44 min: Kick away at the end of the set for the Bulldogs. Luke Burt collecting it for the eels as they attack inside their 20m line. Interesting stat. Bulldogs have had 16 runs from dummy half compared to only 3 of the Eels.
45 min: Knock on against the Eels as Moimoi trying to get going into the Bulldogs line. Scrum packs for the dogs on halfway.
47 min: Ben Roberts going to the air across field for the Dogs, however the Eels getting a penalty for taking a player out. From the penalty a massive touch-finder from hayne going 50 metres. The Parramatta side are attacking inside the 30m line.
48 min: Ben Barba showing some footwork to get out of the in goal area. Jarryd Hayne going with a grubber on the last for the Eels which comes to Barba. The Bulldogs good defence holding them out.
49 min: Luke Burt placed under pressure off a Ben Robert's kick which was placed beautiful down to the corner. Knock on from Burt to give the Bulldogs the ball.
49 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY! From the scrum base and the Bulldogs trying to spread it wide, the pass wasn't on for Ben Barba, however a Jarryd Hayne running into the line and stealing the ball to streak away for an intercept try. Hayne running down field for 70 metres to give Burt the chance to level the match at 6 all.
6 all
52 min: From the try, the Eels going with a good kick downfield for the Bulldogs to work it out of their own 20m line.
53 min: The Eels are now playing without stress, as they attempt to open the Bulldogs line by spreading it wide. Kick from the Eels on the last taken by Hodkinson for him to pass to Jamal to go for a 10m run.
55 min: Penalty to the Eels for an offside Bulldogs player from the kick, although the ball bounced off Hindmarsh's backside. As a result the Eels have the ball.
56 min: End of the set for the Eels and Hayne opting with a grubber kick and pressure placed on Steve Turner at the back from Reni Maitua to force the drop out.
57 min: The Parramatta side trying to play around the Bulldogs line, as a result the back going back off Maitua but Jamal Idris trying to regather the ball knocks on to give it straight back to the Eels.
59 min: Ben Barba gets trapped in goals as the Eels chasers off the grubber kick force Barba to run it dead in goals. Another drop out for the Eels, Bulldogs 5 Eels 4 drop outs night.
60 min: More good defence from the Bulldogs on their line as the Eels failing to open them up. the Parramatta side trying to pass the ball over the touch but going dead over the sideline for a turn over.
62 min: Knock on against Maitua on the last tackle. Change over for the Bulldogs on their own 10m line.
63 min: Bulldogs with a good kick down field however not the best placed as Burt catches it on the full and returns to it met the defensive line.
63 min: Juggling act from Jonathan Wright in the right side corner, he juggled the ball without dropping it to return it. The eels are looking the better side here and that they will pull off the winning play.
64 min: Just as the Bulldogs were looking to be stuck inside their own half, Trent Hodkinson pulls out a beautiful kick down field for a 40/20. Bulldogs with the scrum feed as a result.
65 min: Bulldogs knocking on in their set to give the Eels the ball inside their own 10m. Zero tackle for the Eels.
66 min: Jamal Idris in a sliding Justin Horo into touch. Scrum feed with the Bulldogs,
67 min: David Stagg is down at the moment, time off. Left knee of Stagg looks to be the problem. He will be stretchered off the field at this point. Medi-cab has been spotted.
67 min: David Stagg on his feet to hop over to the Medicab to be taken off the field for the Bulldogs. Corners for a left knee or lower ankle. The cheers from the fans at ANZ Stadium go up has he is taken off.
68 min: A massive kick from hodkinson going to the air, the Eels come up with the ball.
69 min: Hayne going to the sideline at the end of the set. Scrum feed on the 10 metre line for the Bulldogs. Next time a team is close enough to the posts someone needs to take a shot at field goal.
70 min: Despite the rain, a lot of brave souls at the ground with a crowd figure of 15,126 being posted as the Bulldogs make a mistake through steve turner. Eels have a massive chance.
72 min: From the scrum base the eels spread it wide to the left and almost going over for a try.
74 min: WOW! Well that was amazing piece of play. Beautiful defence from the Bulldogs. Luke Burt looking for a field goal, however good covering defence off the dogs. Hayne forced to kick into the goals for Steve turner to race out. But he was forced over the sideline for a scrum feed again for the Eels.
74 min: FIELD GOAL Media Mantarays
FIELD GOAL! Jarryd Hayne from in front of the posts popping it over for the one point. The Eels looking for seal the win.
Parramatta Eels 7-6
75 min: Jarryd Hayne opting for the smart play, kicking it dead over the behind the goals. 20 metre tap for the Bulldogs.
75 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs for jeff Robson committing to much in the tackle.
77 min: NO TRY! Held up Josh Reynolds by Reni Maitua. Eels escape the raid.
78 min: FIELD GOAL
BANG! Field goal from Trent Hodkinson in a beautiful kick getting the one point. 2 minutes from fulltime.
7 all
79 min: Luke Burt wrapped up inside his own 20m line. Bulldogs need good defence to force Golden point.
79 min: A massive kick from Hayne looking to force the Bulldogs into Golden point.
80 min: FULLTIME! We are going to Golden point. Parramatta going for the extra time for the second week in a row. 5 minute halves and a field goal will decide this. Andrew Ryan wins the toss and the Eels will kick off.
81 min: Parramatta kick off through Jarryd Hayne for the Bulldogs to get the first use of the ball in extra time.
81 min: Bulldogs with a beautiful kick down field. Eels slow to get onside, they are caught inside their own 10 metre line.
81 min: Hayne failing to get a good kick away, and it falls away from the sideline. Bulldogs attacking just inside their own half.
NO WIDE! Field goal missed by Hodkinson. Nathan Hindmarsh placing good pressure on him.
7 all
83 min: Hayne with another kick and a big kick going down to Ben Barba who runs it up to the 30m line. Bulldogs looking the better in extra time.
84 min: Bulldogs make it up over half way as Justin Horo comes off.
84 min: FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT Wellington Orcas
Second attempt from Ben Roberts which fall well short of the posts.
7 all
85 min: HALFTIME in EXTRA TIME! Bulldogs failing to take it. Eels will get the first use of the ball.
85 min: FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT Media Mantarays
Hayne was not in position for a field goal attempt however it simply hit the Bulldogs for them to get the ball for their first attempt in the second half of extra time.
7 all
86 min: FIELD GOAL
FIELD GOAL! From 41 metres out and Trent Hodkinson has placed a stunning kick over the posts for the Bulldogs to seal the win over the eels.
Canterbury Bulldogs 8-7
FULL TIME: The Parramatta make it two in a row, loses that is. The Bulldogs have stole a victory in the second period of extra time. 8 points to 7 with two stunning field goals from Man of the Match Trent Hodkinson.

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