Fans cost
Bulldogs points

The Canterbury Bulldogs will lose their 4 competition points if their fans continue to brawl at Bulldogs games. This drastic measure was implemented by the National Rugby League in order to try and put a halt to the ongoing problems occurring with Bulldogs fans.

David Gallop did not blame the Bulldogs fans for starting Friday night?s brawls but did insist the clubs supporters do have a track record in these unwanted incidents. Thus they will be punished appropriately in order to cease these anti-social behaviours. If fans do not follow these orders they will lose the 4 points and their club will be facing severe fines.

Bulldogs chairman George Peponis has commented on Gallops ruling and disagrees with the outcome issued by the NRL. Peponis is more disappointed with Gallop after believing that their meetings on the weekend were productive and would have made the resolution.

On a side note personalities from the Rugby League community have come out and proposed that all Bulldogs games must be played in day light. Some even suggesting fans should be placed in cages or the Bulldogs play behind closed doors.

No one will know if these measures taken by the NRL will resolve the problem until Round 5 when the Bulldogs take on Manly at the Easter Double Header.