Fans on ground after Knights match

For the second time this season, the Coal & Allied Newcastle Knights will welcome kids on to the field as part of their match day experience.

At the completion of the game and after the final siren sounding the end of Sunday's game against the Sydney Roosters, there will be a second siren to follow once the players have left the field.

Designated gates around the grounds will provide access points for fans, 15 years and under to run out on to the field of play.

This initiative will provide yet another exciting and unique opportunity for younger fans of the game to soak up the atmosphere on the pitch in front of a strong home crowd and hopefully celebrate what will be another Knights' win.

Hunter Sports Group CEO Troy Palmer joined fans at last month's home game, taking his young son Hunter on to the field to give him the chance to be just like his heroes.

"The Newcastle Knights are all about giving something back to the community and fostering the interest in our youth through grass roots development. We're really excited to continue this initiative which allows kids to see the game from a different perspective, one we hope will develop into a future Knights career," said Palmer.

"Hunter relished the chance to enjoy the activity with the other kids and that's something we as a family can look back on for many years to come."

Fans interested in taking part in this post-game opportunity are reminded to keep an eye out for instructions on the big screens at the game for notification of entry and exit points to the field.
Security and Police will be present on the field to maintain the safety of fans involved.