Feathersstone Rovers Media Release: Rovers Close In On Major Signing

The search for a new Rovers Chief executive entered a new phase over the weekend with the interviewing of the first tranche of candidates.
The appointment is of major significance to the club in its own right, but that significance is heightened by the period in the club's history that it coincides with.
In charge of the project is Rovers' director Martin Overton. The calibre of the applicants and the light their interest casts upon the status of the club as a business as well as a sporting organisation has made a bi impression on him, as he explained;
I was amazed at the number of applicants we have had for this job: and the applications are still coming in. It's a complex and challenging post, but this seems to have attracted candidates-the right kind of candidates rather than deter them.
He continued; We are determined to make the right appointment. You always want to do that obviously, but where we are at just now and into the not too distant future has concentrated our thoughts greatly. The nature of the candidates and the feedback we have received from them has opened my eyes. Or rather it has made me take a step back and look at Rovers with new eyes. When you are as close to, and emotionally involved with something as I am, it can affect your perspective. We are a high quality business, with talented committed personnel, with a clear reachable aim. This appointment will be the catalyst for making our aims a reality.