Featherstone Responds To Council's Decision

A Featherstone Rovers spokesperson commented on Wakefield Metropolitan District Council's decision to exclude the club from parity with Wakefield Wildcats and Castleford Tigers in its fiscal planning;

"The Council's decision to provide indirect financial aid to Wakefield Wildcats and Castleford Tigers is a reassuring affirmation of their belief in the importance of Rugby League to the social, educational, cultural and of course sporting life of the area. We applaud this piece of far sighted social policy.

This makes their decision not to afford the same facility to Featherstone Rovers all the more confusing and disappointing."

He continued;

"In recent years Rovers, through hard work, imagination and acumen have transformed themselves into a dynamic, forward looking sporting organisation that is a vital asset to the fabric of the communities that surround the club. We represent that standard to which other similar organisations aspire to.

The club has realistic and clear ambitions. These ambitions have been and are carefully and properly planned for and we have worked closely with the RFL in developing them. The RFL have provided invaluable practical help and encouragement."

He concluded;

"Clearly we don't consider this matter to be closed. The Council have been kept fully informed about the way our club is progressing and how realistic and planned for our ambitions are. On this basis we were assured we would be given parity with the other two clubs in any decision making. For some reason this seems not to be the case. We are of course willing to reiterate and re-interpret the way we are planning our future and what it means to the communities we serve in order to clear up any misunderstandings."