Finch will remain a Rooster

Sydney City Roosters halfback Brett Finch is not looking for a move after a disappointing season in the NRL according to his manager, Steve Gillis.

There were rumours surfacing that Finch was looking at his alternatives and had been at odds with Roosters officials and coaching staff despite having signed a new two-year deal with the club.

Finch was criticised widely for his form as the Roosters slumped to their first season out of the finals series altogether since 1995 and there was talk the player had been offered to South Sydney.

However Gillis knocked the story on the head emphatically yesterday, confirming that Finch would be at the Roosters next season and insisting that he did not have permission to shop the player around from the club.

"He will definitely be at the Roosters," Gillis said.

"I haven't got permission (from the Roosters) to negotiate so that's impossible," he said.

Gillis, after meeting with the Roosters alongside Finch on Wednesday afternoon, denied that the club had a problem with the player, either on or off the field.

"They had an end of season review with their players, Brett was one of those players," Gillis said.

"They've identified some areas they think he can improve, they've asked him to work on those areas."

"Everyone is comfortable that he can improve in those areas, which all relate to football, and we're moving forward."

"He's got a two-year contract and he's quite happy to work with the club and the club is quite happy to work with him."