Follow up on
Troy Wozniak

On the 25th of December I wrote an article about Troy Wozniak being released from the London Broncos. Since, I have since been informed that the information I received about the story was not all true.

The London Broncos released a statement on the 24th of December saying that Troy had been released from the club one month into his 3-year contract. However, it seems Troy was not under any agreement at the Broncos and decided to leave the club on his own merits.

?Troy at no stage agreed to a playing contract with London, let alone sign any agreement? says Wozniak?s agent Sam Ayoub.

?Troy was invited to join the London Broncos in Dubai whilst considering an offer from the Club that at no stage was anywhere near what he was prepared to accept. After weeks of negotiations, Troy informed the Club on the 21st of December that he was not prepared to join the Club and that he would be returning to Australia. This was obviously not what the Club wanted to hear?

"Troy was at no stage released by the Club as he was at no stage contracted to the Club"

I thank Sam Ayoub for clearing this up.