Forum Sevens: An ode to South

It's been a long time for the red and green Since 1989 the semis we've not seen. The fans are left ruing what has gone wrong The old Glory Glory is just another song.

For mighty Clive Churchill would be fuming with hate, Because his beloved footy team, is no longer so great. The sixties and seventies are merely a dream, All we no of now, is a wooden spoon team.

Year after year we are constantly fed, Of mediocre performances, and players we dread. We lose all our juniors, there all classy acts, Then we buy rejects, and we question the facts!

Why are we moving so slowly these days? Why are our players, constantly left in a daze? Why is our team the constant laughing stock? There always laughing at us, and continue to mock.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Will we soon see, a Souths winning huddle. Or will we continue to lose and come last, And just watch old videos and live in the past.

Something needs changing; I dunno what it be, Maybe it's the coach, the players, or perhaps Tappy. Whatever it is, I want changes soon, I'm sick of coming last; I don't want the dreaded spoon.

The fans deserve more, weve stuck all this way, Give us our team, who prides in their play. Give us a team who will play like Sattler, When the chips were down he was our battler !

Give us a team who will write history, Give us a team who will end this misery. Were not asking for premierships, not yet twenty one, We just want some passion, when the game is said and done.

The red and green faithful will stick solid and true, Forever and ever we will follow you, But give us a glimpse, some sort of shining light, That youll play for the pride, and continue to fight.

Now Langers this season is over and done, And weve never been further from premiership twenty one. But now it is up to you and your crew, To bring us back to those semis we rue.

Were not asking for much, as we wipe away these tears, But weve waited so long, its been 13 bloody years. Cant you get them up and raring to go, Playing for that jersey making history as we go.

Tell them of players that have played in the past, Tell them their jersey, will always bloody last. They are playing for the greatest ever footy team, Theyre playing for the pride who wear red and green.

Sattler, Chuchill, Sait and co, They are household names wherever they go. Tell them to play, like they're reaching for stars, Because the life of footballer doesn't last.

Why cant those days, just come back tommorrow, When the mighty red and green jump out of their burrow. Out they jump and onto the field, Scoring tries all over, and the trophy they yield.

Im still a young lad, all I remember is we lose, At this bloody rate im going to hit the booze. Its hard to maintain love when the pain has been long, But my blood is red and green and my rabbit skin strong.

Ill never desert you, ill never back away, But lets start against the Dogs, at Aussie this Sunday. Show us your courage, show us your pride, Show us you want to play for our great side.

Hold your heads high, and remember those names, The stars who wore those before you, in glorious games. Reach the highest mountain, climb to the top, And when you get there, hold the Souths flag aloft.

And if your ever going to get to this day, If this premiership glory ever comes our way. This promise to you, it will never end, Forever and a day youll be a Rabbitoh legend.

I just hope this day will come very soon, And I promise that week ill be on a constant goon. Let it bloody happen before I pass away, And we will sing you a song forever and a day.

Don't worry Sir Clive, im sure your watching us, And instilling some pride, in our players guts. And when we reach that elusive twenty one, Youll be on our minds, when the premiership is won ! _________________ My old man said, "Be a Dragons fan". And I said, "Bollocks your a twat". "Id rather shag a bucket with a big hole in it, Than be a Dragons fan for just one minute" !

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