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?I?m ready,? I said, speaking with the simplicity of a great star who had somehow managed to retain the common touch. As I glided along in my BMW 3 Series coupe, I had never felt more like a Roosters Supporter in my life. The Latte drinking BMW driving ?rich bitch? tag was certainly an image I could handle.

To ease my nerves I began to sing a song, just a little ditty that came to me as I was driving. Sung to the tune of My Favourite Things.

At fulltime the siren declares you the winner, The adage rings true and your truly a grinner, They?ve packaged the points in your teams colour strings, These are a few of my favourite things.

Just at half time with no points on the board, You sank to your knees and just prayed when they scored, The pride in your jersey and Premiership rings, These are a few of my favourite things.

The ref and his whistle proclaim ?It is a TRY?, You?ve got the game won there?s a tear in your eye, Your club song is playing and everyone sings, These are a few of my favourite things.

When the ref?s blind, and a loss stings, when I?m feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don?t feel ? so bad.

After being stopped by a police officer and charged with disturbing the peace, I finally made it to training. Stepping out of the air-conditioned car in my Rooster blue cashmere tailor-made suit, the heat was overwhelming, but an interview with Craig Fitzgibbon after a training session kept me focused.

?The Lady looks hot, throw her a Gator?, yelled Ronnie, ?And while your at it, get her some training gear.? "WHAT", I thought, aren?t they impressed with the Rooster Supporters image that is so widely touted? Walking back out onto the paddock in a pair of Rooster shorts that dangled to my ankles and a jersey flicking around my knees, I had never felt more like a Rooster Supporter in my life?.

Craig Fitzgibbon was warming down as I approached him, he had finished some slow jogging and was stretching to achieve greater flexibility, holding the stretches for sixty, helping the muscles relax and reduce tension. It would be my turn during the recovery process.

?Craig?, I said, ?I?m Helen of Troy~? ?You know, from The Seven's.? The lazy smile that lit up his face assured me I wasn?t dreaming. Dear Reader, it is with the greatest of pleasure I record verbatim my interview with CRAIG FITZGIBBON.

H.o.T: ?Craig, after winning two player of the year awards in a row, being rewarded for your outstanding efforts with a Premiership and an Australian Cap, plus also being loved by each and every Rooster supporter for what you?ve personally done for us. What exactly did you feel when you walked to the grandstand and accepted one of the greatest awards of all ... the Clive Churchill Medal? (I finally paused to breathe)

C.F: "It is all a bit of a blur. I felt a bit embarrassed at the organisation of the presentation, as I really wasn?t sure which way to go. But overall I?m very thrilled."

?Did you buy Brad Fittler a few beers after winning the medal??

"We had a few beers together and it was a Big Celebration, I am not really sure who paid."

?Who is the fellow Rooster player who most makes you feel like you are glad you are playing for the Roosters??

"The whole team, can?t really single one out, we are all close."

?What did you feel mentally before your third Grand Final in four years? Were you more nervous to get the hoodoo off your back??

"Felt great. Not nervous at all, I was really looking forward to it. The other Grand Finals just made me more hungry for this one."

?Craig how has your family helped you achieve all that you have??

"They have been very supportive in all aspects of my life. Always let me make the decision and then stick by me."

?How does it feel working with Ricky Stuart??

"Great. Sticky has shown a lot of faith in me so I have tried to return that by playing to my best potential. It is a privilege to work with Ricky Stuart?

?So Craig, did I look a nonce turning up in a suit to training this afternoon???

To be continued...

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