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Crocker ? The Wind Beneath His Wings

This was a very special interview for me. Being my first, and thankful Mick took the time to speak with me. Allow me to present to you, a young man, who as the song ?Barry? sings, has the Wind Beneath His Wings.

Although, a naturally confident person, I admit to feeling nervous ringing Mick. But I girded my loins, put on my most professional voice, and acted like I spoke with Roosters Players as part of my daily activity.

I began by asking Mick how his day was. He had arrived home from the Gold Coast, had enjoyed a few 'quiet' ones over the weekend, and was spending a very relaxed day at home. Mick is a quiet unassuming guy, I felt he was a bit nervous as well, but as we got to know each other over a few laughs we both relaxed.

P.P: On behalf of all Roosters Supporters, a huge thank you, not only for the GF effort, but putting it together throughout the season, ensuring you were instrumental in our 2002 Premiership Win.

There was a pause, he quietly and humbly replied with some surprise in his voice ... ?THANK YOU?! I had to ask what he thought Justin Hodges best sledge was. When Mick retires from Football, I suggest he become a Diplomat.

MC: ?I never hear his sledges?, he added with a really hearty chuckle, ?Ask Anthony, he'll know?.

PP: ?What was your personal motivation in achieving success this year??

His response was heartening and down to earth. He spoke about crippling injuries he had sustained throughout the season. That his real motivation was to prove that he could come through it, prove that he could still handle playing in First Grade, but most importantly was the fact that he had to EARN his spot.

MC: ?To me winning the GF was beyond emotional description, having said that, I wouldn't like to see Players resting on the Laurels of a GF victory?.

PP: "What part of your game will you be working on in the future?" By this stage Mick and I were feeling comfortable talking and chatting, and the passion with which he spoke while answering this question, caught my breath.

MC: ?Because of the injuries to my quads, attack and speed are my priority. My aim is to be running full strength it?s the area I will be working on most?.

PP: ?What is it like to run onto the field and know there are thousands of fans cheering for you??

MC: ?Well we have a great supporter base, we have recently been talking to Marketing and more than half our fans are from Country areas, whenever we head north we attract bigger crowds especially in Brisbane. To have the Supporters out there cheering is UNREAL?.

Now this is a question that NEEDED to be asked..

PP: ?Mick what has been your most successful pick up line??

He was laughing so hard I thought ?OH no, I wonder if I'm going to be able to print this?.

MC: I was at Schoolies on the Gold Coast, saw an attractive girl, crooked my finger and beckoned her. When she approached me I said, If I can make you come with one finger, imagine what I can do with the rest of me?.

At this point, I was laughing so hard I really couldn't bring myself to pursue the topic any further. He did assure me though, that he had only used that line the one time.

PP: ?As a kid playing League, did you ever think you would win a GF??

MC: ?NO, I just wanted to play football, but having now won a Grand Final it is truly a dream come true.

PP: ?How is the 2003 Season looking for the Roosters??

MC: ?Pretty good, lost a few players and gained a few, but we feel that the changes will not affect the team, we will have the same attitude, even though we are losing Dean Pay, his replacement has the same attitude and of course we've got Ricky?.

All I can say Dear Reader, is that we have a great team player in Mick Crocker. Not only does he possess great potential, but also a desire to improve for his team, the code of Rugby League and his personal goals. His attitude is positive, and I believe that he will have a great season come 2003.

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