France name squad for World Sevens

France have named a strong side for their Sydney World Sevens campaign, which includes the two Australian based French internationals, Daniel Dumas and Dimitri Pelo from the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks club.

Three of the ten man squad are from full time professional clubs, with Elima from Wakefield also being named. Sylvain Houles, who recently also signed with the Wildcats was not selected due to injury he picked up in the clash against the Australian Kangaroos in November last year.

Well known French international, Frederic Banquet, who was targeted by Rugby Union a few years ago will also feature in the squad.

The squad is as follows: 01. Daniel Dumas (Cronulla) 02. Dimitri Pelo (Cronulla) 03. Olivier Elima (Wakefield) 04. Djamel Fakir (UTC) 05. Maxime Greseque (Pia) 06. J?r?me Hermet (Villeneuve) 07. Fourcade Abasse (St.Gaudens) 08. C?dric Gay (Toulouse) 09. R?mi Casty (Lezignan) 10. Frederic Banquet (Carcassonne)