France Name Squad To Face Young

BARLA Great Britain Young Lions v France Sunday 18th April 2004 Robin Park Arena, Wigan Kick Off: 2.00pm ?3 Adults - ?1 Concessions

France Manager Bruno Cazala has announced his squad for the forthcoming clash against the BARLA Young Lions.

The 24-man squad will be hoping to repeat last year's dominance over the Young Lions. They came out on top in both home and away clashes, 30-23 at Featherstone in March, and 29-6 in June at Toulouse.


BARLA Young Lions

Players Ade Adebisi, Louis McCarthy, Michael Worrincy(London Broncos), John Boland, Steven Grundy, Scott Robinson (Wigan St Judes), Luke Brindley(East Hull), Richard Cattley, Craig Fawcett, Stuart Kain, Danny Kirkmond, Gareth Whitehead (Stanley Rangers), Paul Crook, Chris Tyrer (Blackbrook), Scott Farmer, Scott Lofthouse (Kells), Richard Hulme, Luke Lee (Milford Marlins), Ian Madley (East Hull), Stuart Martin(Widnes St Maries), Ady Matthews (Eastmoor Dragons), Scott McAvoy (Hensingham), Liam Morley (Thornhill Trojans), Carl Redford (Leigh East), Martin Ridyard (Leigh Miners Rangers), Shaun Selby (Wigan St Patricks)

Management Joe Elliott (Manager), Tommy Taylor (Assistant Manager), Carl Briscoe (Coach), Steve Hunt(Assistant Coach), Tommy Graffin (Physio)


Players Najim Alyou (Entraigues), Vincent Almuzara(Toulouse), Jonathan Argiller (S O Avignon), Damien Aussaguel (Lezignan), Andreuw Bentley(Villeneuve), Yannick Bois (UTC), Julien Bonnel(Carcassonne), Joris Cagnac (Lezignan), Remi Casty (Lezignan), Joris Clement (Vedene), Sebastien Chastaing (Toulouse), Regis Chave(Avignon), Jerome Fabre (Toulouse), Remi Fontana (Lezignan), Julien Gisquet (Lezignan), Jerome Gout (Limoux), Jeremy Guiraud (Carcassonne), Mathieu Mayans (Limoux), Mickael Mayans (Limoux), Julien Meynard (UTC), Jean Luc Molina(Toulouse), Gregory Mounis (UTC), Cedric Palomo(UTC), Sylvain Teixido (Limoux)

Management Bruno Cazala (Manager), Patrick Wozniack (Coach), Didier Ouali (Coach), Eric Guiu (Doctor), Axel Robert (Physio)