French side named to tackle

France have named their squad for the clash against the visiting Australian Kangaroos, as part of the European league of the 2003 Philips Kangaroo Tour. The squad, which contains some of the best talent in French Rugby League, will in fact not be a ?test? side, rather a French National Select XIII.

The side that will take the field will be similar to that which played the touring New Zealand Maori side last Wednesday. The team contains three English Super League players, including J?r?me Guisset from Warrington who has recently recovered from knee surgery and Sylvain Houles and Olivier Elima from Wakefield-Trinity.

Australian based, Daniel Dumas and Dimitri Pelo from the Cronulla Sharks are also in the squad.

The squad in no particular order is: J?r?me Guisset (Warrignton), C?dric Gay (Toulouse Rugby 13), Olivier Pramil (Toulouse Rugby 13), Djamel Fakir (UTC), Olivier Elima (Wakefield) Artie Shead (Toulouse rugby 13), Pierre Sabatie (Villeneuve 13), Daniel Dumas (Cronula Sharks), David Ferriol (Limoux 13), Julien Rinaldi (UTC), Fr?d?ric Banquet (Carcassonne 13) Dimitri Pelo (Cronula Sharks), Sylvain Houles (Wakefield), Julien Gerin (Toulouse Rugby 13) Fr?d?ric Zitter (Toulouse Rugby 13), Teddy Saddaoui (Carcassonne 13), J?r?me Hermet (Villeneuve 13)