Geyer warns NRL stars of binge danger

Former rugby league hardman Mark Geyer has warned NRL players about the dangers of late night binges, revealing he too has been confronted by a gun in Sydney's Kings Cross.

The former Penrith premiership player says he had a gun pointed at his head at the end of a late night binge drinking session after he and fellow players refused to leave the premises of a nightclub.

Geyer, who revealed he also experimented with recreational drugs during his playing days, said NRL stars need to be aware of just how dangerous the nightclub strip can be after last week's shooting incident involving three Parramatta players.

"The Jarryd Hayne shooting incident took me back to a night I had tried to bury for 15 years," wrote Geyer in his Rugby League Week magazine column.

"A frightening night in 1993 when I had a gun pointed at my head in Kings Cross."

Geyer said he and seven other professional footballers had refused the request of two bouncers to leave the premises when the owner pulled out a gun and held it at Geyer's head.

"The owner came out of nowhere and snuck up behind me and put something to the side of my cheek so hard that I couldn't look sideways to see what it was," said Geyer.

"I sobered up as quick as a flash of lightning and got out of the club."

Geyer also warned players not to experiment with recreational drugs as he did in his day, adding it wasn't worth playing `Russian roulette' with drug testers or putting illicit substances in your body.

"When you're in your early 20s and full as a boot, it's pretty easy to throw something in your gob before you even have any guilt," said Geyer.

"It has been more than a decade since I have touched another drug - and I never will again.

"Let's hope that after the players of today read it they might have second thoughts about two things: experimenting with illegal substances when blind drunk and secondly thinking you are 10-foot tall and bullet-proof when on the town with a group of mates."