GMB extend National Cup

The British Amateur Rugby League Association is delighted to announce that Britain's biggest Union, the GMB, have agreed to continue their sponsorship of the BARLA National Cup for the 2005 competition.

After sponsoring the amateur game's biggest prize for the last three years, the GMB have agreed to a one year extension worth a five figure sum.

BARLA's "Blue Ribbon" National Cup is the world's largest senior Rugby League knockout competition, which last season attracted a bumper entry of 103 teams. This season's competition is set to be even bigger with the Students, Rugby League Conference clubs and Combined Services invited to take part.

BARLA Chairman Maurice Oldroyd is pleased to continue the relationship with the GMB and said, "The renewal of the sponsorship is a tremendous boost to the grassroots of the game.

We have developed an excellent working relationship with GMB and it augers well for the future of the sport. GMB have many other links within Rugby League and we are thrilled that they have continued the sponsorship of our premier competition."

Since its return to Blackpool three years ago, the National Cup Final has gone from strength to strength and has been a great success. This year's Final is sure to be no different and it is expected that many people will take advantage of the Bank Holiday break and spend the weekend in Britain's number one seaside resort.

The GMB Unions Regional Secretary for Yorkshire, Jerry Nelson is looking forward to continuing the partnership, whilst Gary Jones, the GMB Unions Regional Secretary for Lancashire said, "This is now the third year of our support for the BARLA National Cup. The GMB Union has gained full recognition from all communities involved in Amateur Rugby League. I believe community issues are a fundamental part of our work and we will continue to do our best to help our members and their families in work and the wider community. Best of luck to all participants".

The GMB Union National Cup Final 2005

Bank Holiday Saturday, 28th May 2005

Bloomfield Road, Blackpool FC

Kick Off: 3.00pm