Gold Coast Titans deny Sharks finals berth


THE Gold Coast Titans have broken their seven match losing streak by defeating the Sharks 20-14 at Toyota Park.

The Titans drew first blood in the match after Ricky Leutele lost the ball on his own 20 in his side's first set of the match.

It was all too easy for the Titans from there, Beau Henry through a clever pass to his winger David Mead who scored.

Cronulla were given an opportunity to hit back only moments later but captain Paul Gallen slipped over on his way to the try line.

The home side continued to bomb opportunities in the next passage of play despite four repeat sets at the Titans line in 15 minutes.

John Morris finally went over for the Sharks in the 20th minute, scoring straight from dummy half.

The Sharks continued to waste opportunities following Morris's try as the Titans' defence held strong.

The Titans were finally given some possession and good field position in the 30th minute after the Sharks were penalised in attack.

Scott Prince opted to go for the two and the Titans had a two-point lead.

Gold Coast were rewarded again for their hard work in defence in the 36th minute when David Mead pulled off a magnificient try after taking a miracle pass.

The Sharks continued to struggle to capitalise on their opportunities after the break, but a penalty goal in 44th minute reduced the Titans lead to six.

However the Titans hit back with a try only 48 minutes later when Preston Campbell put William Zillman over.

The Sharks were given an opportunity to hit back immediately but failed to capitalise. But were finally over again in the 54th minute through Nathan Stapleton.

Shane Flanghan's side continued to dominate field possession and butcher opportunities over the next passage of play as the Titans' continued to impress.

The home side were finally over again in the 78th minute when Ricky Leutele scored. It was too little too late for the Sharks as the Titans held on in their final defensive set of the match.

Match Details
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 16 were defeated by Gold Coast Titans 20
National Rugby League - Round 22 (Close the Gap Round) - Saturday August 6, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Toyota Stadium
Referee: Gavin Badger and David Munro
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Grant Atkins
Crowd: 6,313
Halftime: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Gold Coast Titans players of the match:
3 Points - Matt Srama
2 Points - Scott Prince (2 Conversions, 2 Penalty Goals)
1 Point - David Mead (2 Tries)

Tries: John Morris, Ben Pomeroy, Ricky Leutele
Conversions: Nathan Stapleton (1/3)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Stapleton (1/1)

Tries: William Zillman, David Mead (2)
Conversions: Scott Prince (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Scott Prince (2/2) Live Commentary Good Evening folks and welcome Shark Park for the clash between the Cronulla Sharks and Gold Coast titans.
We have a beautiful night in Cronulla tonight for what should be an interesting match. Both sides are sticking with the 17 they named on Tuesday.
Both sides are playing for pride tonight with neither a chance of making the top eight.
In the Toyota Cup, the Sharks defeated the Titans 38-18.
1 min: The match is under way.
1 min: Good first set by the Titans. They make 50 meters.
2 min: Ricky Leutele loses the ball only 20 out from his own try line and Titans will go right on the attack.
3 min: TRY
A beautiful pass by Beau Henry puts David Mead over for the opening try. It was all a but too easy for the Titans. Scott prince fails to kick the conversion.
Gold Coast Titans 4-0
6 min: The Sharks will get a piggyback up the field after Luke O'Dwyer is penalised.
7 min: The Sharks will get a line drop out after a good kick by Townsend. They should have got a try in the previous play, unfortunately for the Sharks Paul Gallen slipped over before he got to the line.
9 min: Stapleton loses the ball trying to score.
10 min: Peyroux loses the ball for the Titans and the Sharks will get a do over.
11 min: Townsend goes to the air but Minichiello is there to clean it up for the Titans.
12 min: Sharks get a penalty on halfway.
13 min: Peyroux comes up with a one on one strip on the first play and the Sharks have bombed another opportunity.
17 min: The Titans are definitely on top here, they are making some great meters and putting all types of pressure on the Sharks.
18 min: Sharks get a penalty on halfway after some interference in the play the ball by Scott Prince.
20 min: TRY
Morris scores straight from dummy half and the Sharks are on the board. Nathan Stapleton's conversion attempt is unsuccessful.
4 all
23 min: Graham loses the ball on halfway and the Titans will go on the attack here.
24 min: Peyroux loses the ball only 20 meters out from the try line and the Sharks are off the hook.
27 min: Titans are penalised for holding down a tackled player 10 out from halfway, that's the fourth penalty they've conceded.
28 min: Three players combine to hold up Paul Gallen over the line on the fourth.
28 min: Townsend boots the ball into the in goal but it's too fast for his chasers.
30 min: Paul Gallen is penalised on the 30 meter line for putting his boot into Beau Henry who was tackling him.
The Titans opt to take the two and Scott Prince has no problem sending it over.
Gold Coast Titans 6-4
32 min: The Titans will go on the attack only 30 out from the Sharks line.
34 min: Titans get a line drop out. after a Prince grubber into the in goal is taken dead by Gordon.
36 min: TRY
David Mead scores the try of the season after catching the ball from behind him after a kick by Prince looked like it was going over the sideline. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince is successful.
Gold Coast Titans 10-4
38 min: Brenton Lawrence is pinned for an incorrect play the ball on his own 30 and the Sharks will get a chance to hit back.
39 min: Sharks will get six again after Will Matthews tries to pounce on a terrible pass from Leutele.
40 min: Titans hold the Sharks out yet again.
41 min: Second half is under way.
44 min: The Titans are penalised for being off side only 20 out from their own line and the Sharks will go for the two.
Nathan Stapleton kicks the two to reduce the Titans lead to converted try.
Gold Coast Titans 12-6
46 min: Good set by the Sharks but Chad Townsend puts way too much on his kick on the last and the Titans will get a 20 meter tap.
48 min: TRY
The Titans make some good meters up the middle and a clever inside pass by Preston Campbell puts William Zillman over. Scott Prince adds the extras.
Gold Coast Titans 18-6
51 min: Sharks are making some good meters up the field but their execution has been poor and the Titan's goal line defence has been too good.
52 min: Titans are penalised for taking out Chad Townsend and the Sharks will go on the attack.
53 min: Luke Bailey is penalised for knocking the ball out of the hands of an attacking player and the Sharks will get another 6.
54 min: TRY
The Sharks have finally broken the Titans defence with Nathan Stapleton dodging three would be tacklers to score. Conversion attempt by Nathan Stapleton is successful.
Gold Coast Titans 18-12
58 min: The Titans are penalised again to give the Sharks another piggyback up the field. That's the eighth penalty against the Titans tonight.
59 min: Possible try to Anthony Tupou here.
59 min: Bernard Sutton rules that Tupou was short of the try line.
60 min: Good grubber by Graham into the in goal is batted dead by Zillman. Line dropout!
61 min: The Titans have kept the Sharks out after a poor last tackle option from the Sharks.
62 min: Sharks are penalised ten meters their side of halfway for a high shot.
62 min: Sharks are penalised ten meters their side of halfway for a high shot.
The Titans opt to go for the two again and Scott Prince has no problem kicking it.
Gold Coast Titans 20-12
66 min: The Sharks will go on the attack here after a Townsend kick was charged down by a Titans player only to go into the hands of a Shark's player.
67 min: David Mead comes up with the ball after a poor last tackle option by the Sharks.
68 min: Titans make great meters up the field before Scott Prince boots it into the in goal for a line drop out.
69 min: Jordan Rankin loses the ball on his own 30 after a bone crunching tackle.
70 min: Sharks waste another opportunity after Ralph Michael pounces on a loose pass from Sam Tagatese.
72 min: Scotty Prince has just come off the field with an injury and Sharks make a huge break off the next play through Gordan.
73 min: Ben Pomeroy grounds the ball over the try line only for the pass from John Morris to be called forward.
74 min: Townsend knocks it on 20 short from the Titans' line.
75 min: Sounds like a broken arm for Scott Prince.
78 min: TRY
The Sharks run it on the last and Paul Gallen breaks the defence before offloading to Leutele who scores. Stapleton misses the conversion.
Gold Coast Titans 20-16
80 min: Paul Gallen throws a dummy and Leutele was a way for a second but a poor pass back on the inside handed possession back to the Titans.
80 min: The Titans have held on and that's the game. The Titans just wanted it more tonight, they were forced to do a lot of defending all night.

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