Greece v Serbia preview

An international friendly is being played in Athens this Saturday between Greece and Serbia. This will be the first international Rugby League game to be played in Greece, with hopes that it will boost popularity and interest for a regular domestic rugby league competition to run in Athens.

Trials were held in Athens for Greek players on Saturday, and players from Australia, England & South Africa will also be representing for the Greek team. John Skandalis has been in Greece to promote the game however he will not be playing for the team this time, but several of the players from Greece?s recent game against Fiji in Sydney will be linking up with the domestic players.

The Serbian side is mixture of experienced players who have played for Serbia in the Euro B Nations Cup and World Cup Qualifiers, as well as the best young players who played in the Under-19s European Nations Cup earlier this year. There are a few debutants, and some more new players were due to attend training with the squad before the Serbians left for Athens.

The Serbian squad left Belgrade on Thursday and will arrive in Athens on Friday morning. The Serbian warm-up squad was named as follows:

1. Ivan Antic
2. Ivan Mitic
3. Milan Djordjevic
4. Mate Granic
5. Zoran Pesic
6. Marko Zebeljan
7. Nenad Grbic
8. Igor Minevski
9. Mario Milosavljevic
10. Dalibor Vukanovic
11. Soni Radovanovic
12. Nenad Tomic
13. Milos Kucancanin
14. Branko Vojvodic
15. Radoslav Novakovic
16. Nemanja Babic
17. Jovan Vujosevic
18. Haris Dajc
19. Dimitris Dajc
Coach: Marko Jankovic
Coach Assistant: Jovan Vujosevic

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