Greg Bird may have charge downgraded

Greg Bird's rugby league career may have been thrown a life line with news that police may downgrade charges against him for allegedly glassing his girlfriend Katie Milligan in the face.

While facing Downing Centre Local Court today, Bird denied allegations of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on August 24 this year. The charge may be downgraded to reckless wounding.

The 24-year-old Bird declared that he loved his American girlfriend and said that "he had and said he never had, and never would, harm her." Milligan has maintained that she is "absolutely 100 per cent" behind her boyfriend.

Bird has two other charges of public mischief and false accusation against him, arising from his alleged attempt to get his flatmate Brent Watson to take the blame for the alleged glassing.

The Sharks club dropped their star utility from the team soon after the charges were laid.

Magistrate Graeme Henson upheld an apprehended violence order against Bird, which prevents him from contacting Milligan.

The matter was adjourned to November 20 with Henson informing police that the charges must be finalised by then.