Greg Bird Saga Deepens

It is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't for the Cronulla Sharks board as they continue to deliberate over what to do with Greg Bird.

The star utility was dropped by the Sharks last August following Bird's alleged glassing of his girlfriend Kate Milligan. Bird was charged by police and is due to appear in court in April 2009.

Bird's representatives have threatened legal action against the Sharks over his sacking, with the cash strapped club facing the prospect of a financial disaster.

It's understood a loss in the courts could cost the Sharks up to $1 million, sending the club further into the red and potentially into NRL oblivion.

The club was recently forced to borrow $500,000 from St George Bank to pay players and staff over Christmas. The request for funds was for a greater amount however, the bank only approved the $500,000. In effect, the Sharks appear to be 'maxed out' on available credit.

Meanwhile, the Sharks continue to pay Bird whether he plays or not. It has been estimated that Bird will have received $200,000 should the matter drag on to next April.