Hansie Cronje
killed in Plane Crash

Disgraced former South African Cricket captain Hansie Cronje has been killed in a plane crash in his home country of South Africa. It is believed Cronje was the sole passenger along with two pilots on a cargo plane that came down in bad weather in the countrys south.

Cronje was banned for life in 2000 for bringing the game of Cricket into disrepute after it was alleged he accepted money to throw matches and was later found guilty of the corruption charge.

While Cronje was a troubled figure, the news of his death will come as a shock to many and our condolences go out to his family and loved ones as Hansie never had the chance to redeem himself for all his past wrongs.

For all his shortcomings in the past few years, hopefully people will realise Cronje was just a man who made mistakes like you and me and a man who led his nation to victory on many occassions but unfortunately, he will never have the opportunity to write those wrongs.

Although I was critical at the time of his darkest hours, I can't help but feel quite saddened by the news of his passing and a certain sense of guilt for judging a man who was human.

The sporting public will hopefully remember him as a fine cricketer and leader of his country as the cricketing world in the next few hours comes to terms with this tragedy.