Harlequins appoint first Dance Officer

The Harlequins Rugby League Foundation, the charitable arm of Harlequins Rugby League, is pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Howard to the position of Dance Officer.

Amy will head up the newly formed Harlequins Rugby League Foundation dance programme which aims to promote inclusion and activity among London children through dance.

She begins immediately, teaching complimentary dance lessons in local primary schools. The next stage for the Foundation is to launch a dance academy through with which Amy will create and choreograph new dance works which pupils will have the opportunity to perform at Harlequins Rugby League home games.

Amy joins the Harlequins Rugby League Foundation with a wealth of experience in dance. After graduating in dance and drama from nearby Roehampton University, Amy spent three years running dance programmes in schools and community groups before returning to University and obtaining a Masters degree.

Amy said today: