He\'s only common, Tate

So the Warriors have put a 10-year deal to Brent Tate. Okay, so I jest somewhat regarding the length of the contract, but it could not possibly be less than a five-year deal to justify paying someone of his ability a reputed $1.4 million. Don't get me wrong, Tate is an excellent finisher, but that is all he is. If this offer is for three or four years, then the Warrior recruitment committee has "lost the plot". That's the sort of cabbage you pay your game-breakers, your Lockyers, your Thurstons, your Princes, and Tate falls a long way short of this elite category. I mean, his Bronco teammate Justin Hodges is also off contract and he's lengths ahead of Tate as a footballer. For starters, he's younger and more versatile. I coulsd easily see Hodges being a great success as a lock-forward. In Tate, you've got a quality winger or a centre who is prone to cruelling scoring opportunities by hogging the ball. It's no coincidence he's had far more success as a winger. Who cares if he ignores his outside man when he plays on the flank 'cause it's only the touch judge, or sideline official, or linesman, or the flag bearer. Heck, what name's next for these guys. Referees must feel cheated that they've only ever had the one boring name. But I digress. I cannot see the wisdom whatsoever, in signing an outside back to this amount of money, who isn't a goalkicker (different story if he kicked goals like Hasem el Magic), is getting any younger and is injury prone to to the extent he wears something akin to a baby-seat around his neck. By all reports their decsion is influenced by the fact Tate is the brother-in-law of the Warriors champion prop forward Steve Price. That's all well and good and may make some people all warm and fuzzy inside, but this is a business, if the two families want to have a reunion, hire a marquee and "whoop it up" down at beautiful Auckland marina. Tatey can return the favour by inviting the Price family to a big day out at the theme parks on the Gold Coast. There, problem solved. Don't get me wrong. Tate would be an asset to any team, but at the right money. Given his age, what he brings to a team, his risk of serious injury, remember he almost quit the game because of his neck problems, I'd put his value at around the $250,000 mark a season, give or take. Any more, and it would be fiscally irresponsible on the part of the club in question, in this case the Warriors. Even though he played in the Anzac Test, Tate is no certainty to make the Queensland team. He will be up against the likes of Hodges, Steve Bell, Israel Filau, Willie Tonga, Greg Inglis and even Billy Slater, given his superlative form of late. Back to the Warriors. My advice to them would be to lock up the likes of Simon Mannering and Sam Rapira to long-term contracts. Mannering in particular, is something special. What is he 20? Hits like a sledgehammer in defence, is a powerhouse runner and can play centres of backrow. Rapira is of similar age, and is going that good has forced the great Ruben Wiki into the second row. Now you kiwis, don't say you haven't been told!