Heartbreak for Tigers in Canberra

A tough encounter for the Raiders at home saw them scrape to a win over the Tigers by 28-26.

The Raiders came out in the first 10 minutes with guns ablazing and scored 16 unanswered points that left the Tigers shell shocked, having only 1 player even touching the ball in play.

But once they settled into the game, the Tigers started to put together some good plays, and managed to peg the lead back to 16-8 at the break.

Unbelievably, the Tigers did exactly to the Raiders what had happened in the first half to them and managed to hit the lead by the 56th minute of the game with 20 unanswered points of their own. The Raiders defence at times was very shaky giving the Tigers the confidence they needed.

The penalty count of 9-2 against the Raiders was mainly due to referee Steve Lyons penalising them for coming in late in tackles.

2 tries late in the game to the Raiders catapulted them into an 8 point lead with 8 minutes remaining.

The attitude of this Tigers side should never be underestimated, and hit back they did, with a try 3 minutes from full time to bring them back to within 2 points. A nail biter to the end, when on the last pass of the game looked to have the Tigers with the winning try, only to have the pass ruled forward.

The Raiders were lucky to collect the 2 points but will take them nevertheless. The Tigers can certainly hold their heads high and will cause a lot of strife to the teams they play in the remaining rounds of the 2003 competition.

Scorers: RAIDERS 28 Tries: Monaghan 2, Lolesi 2, Mogg Goals: Schifcofske (4/5) defeated TIGERS 26 Tries: Wilson 2, O'Neill, Covell, Halatau Goals: Covell (35)

Saturday 19 July 2003 5:30 PM Canberra Stadium Referee: S Lyons

Leagueunlimted players of the match:

3 - M McLinden (Raiders) 2 - L Withers (Tigers) 1 - J Monaghan (Raiders)

By the clock:


3rd min: TRY - Monaghan for Raiders. The Raiders are fired up, great defence to set up their set of six close to their line. A beaut grubber kick through by McLinden is pounced upon by Monaghan. Schifcofske kicks a great conversion from wide out. Raiders 6-0

6th min: TRY - Lolesi for Raiders. Right from the kick off the Raiders are hot on attack. Quick plays to get up close to their line and Lolesi does a miracle put down right in the corner. The touch judge initially calls him out across the sideline, video ref has a very long and close look at the play and gives the try. Schifcofske right from the sideline just shaves the right hand upright and misses. Raiders 10-0

8th min: TRY - Mogg for Raiders. Once again possession isn't coming the Tigers way, and the Raiders are over the line. Lolesi finishes with a beautiful pass inside to Mogg who scores. One Tigers player has touched the football so far in the match, Covell, who was driven across the sideline resulting in the Raiders first try. Schifcofske with another difficult kick, gets this one over. Raiders 16-0

15th min: TRY - Wilson for Tigers. First decent touch for the Tigers and they come close to scoring after getting a penalty late in their set of six. Another penalty close to the line, and the try is set up across the other side of the field. Covell misses from 10 metres out. Raiders 16-4

20th min: NEWS - The Raiders close to their line get a little kick through from McLinden. Myles for the Tigers looked to have shielded the ball across the dead ball line. Replays and the video ref show Myles touched the ball in play. Goal line dropout, but the Tigers defence isn't as shell shocked as earlier and holds.

27th min: NEWS - Tigers looking a bit more settled. They come very close to scoring with Withers kicking to the corner. The Tigers player desperately tries to offload on the fifth, but is totally smothered by a wall of green. Raiders still lead 16-4

31st min: NEWS - Penalties favour the Tigers by 7-1. The crowd starting to voice their disapproval

33rd min: TRY - O'Neill for Tigers. Two penalties and the Tigers draw the Raiders defence well for O'Neill to spin and get over close to the line. Covell not having a good night so far with the boot, misses another. Raiders 16-8

36th min: NEWS - Rutgerson bleeding quite profusely from the nose after Trindall accidentally caught him with a head clash. He leaves the field to stem the flow

39th min: NEWS - The Raiders with the 'no try' call from the video ref after Tongue came very close to scoring, just not managing to force the ball down after a scramble behind the goal line

HALF TIME: Raiders 16 - Tigers 8

43rd min: NEWS - Laffranchi(Tigers) very close to scoring but the video ref deems a knock on. A tough decision.

47th min: NEWS - O'Halloran very close to scoring but Lolesi manages to tap the ball out over the sideline in goal. Another line dropout to the Tigers, the Raiders once again on defence

48th min: NEWS - Tongue (Raiders) on report for a dangerous tackle on Terry Hill who's head was driven into the ground above the horizontal. Raiders holding onto their lead, no change since halftime, 16-8

50th min: TRY - Covell for Tigers. After the reversal from the first half, the Tigers have had all the possession since halftime, and the defence finally had to give. Covell scores out wide from a perfectly timed kick. Covell has another tough kick from the sideline and slots it nicely. Raiders 16-14

56th min: TRY - Halatau for Tigers. The pace has picked up by both sides. The Raiders came close to scoring but the Tigers break away from their line. A final pass from Hill sets up the try beautifully for the youngster. Covell gets another tough conversion. Tigers hit the lead, 20-16

63rd min: NEWS - The Raiders starting to look dangerous and spreading the defence. Martin knock the ball on and the momentum ended

64th min: NEWS - Penalty count 9-1 in the Tigers favour. The Raiders players continually pinged for coming in late in the tackle. Tigers lead 20-16

67th min: TRY - Lolesi for Raiders. After looking very flat footed on attack, the Raiders get out of jail by setting up some nice plays. Lolesi gets the ball out wide but comes round closer to the posts. Schifcofske has an easy kick. Raiders 22-20

70th min: NEWS - A mistake by Croker 20 metres out gives the Tigers great field position, but a fired up Monaghan forces the Tigers player from the scrum, over the sideline

71st min: TRY - Monaghan for Raiders. A penalty to the Raiders gives them great field position. Schifcofske on the last puts a high kick out to the wing for Monaghan to grab. Schifcofske right from the sideline is a beauty to give the Raiders an 8 point buffer. Raiders 28-20

77th min: TRY - Wilson for Tigers. It's not over yet. The Raiders defence a bit soft and with quick plays the Tigers made a lot of ground with Wilson. Covell gets the tough kick to get them within 2 points. Raiders 28-26

78h min: NEWS - Drew Raiders) off the field with a suspected cheek injury.

79th min: NEWS - McLinden (Raiders) knocks on 30 metres out from the Tigers goal line to give them back possession

80th min: NEWS - The Tigers close to an upset win but a pass by Pearson was called forward, it's all over.

FULL TIME: Heartbreak for the Tigers, so close but yet so far, the Raiders win 28-26