Hometown Advantage

The North Sydney Bears have been an exceptionally exciting team to watch throughout season 2005. However the Mighty Bears have let a few games that should and could have been won slip out of their grasp, exemplified by the recent 2 point loss with seconds to go against the Bulldogs.

The narrow loss however proved the perfect test for the Boys. The same team they came close to beating played and beat the third placed Raiders by 48-8 only a few weeks ago.

The Bears now get their chance to hammer the Raiders when they face them at North Sydney Oval on Sunday. The Bears have won their last two games at home and will feature the same playing personnel that made those wins so emphatic. Pictured: Luke Fatnowna.

There's nothing more beautiful than North Sydney Oval on a Sunday afternoon, so get on down and support the Mighty Bears.

Premier League begins at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday 10th July at North Sydney Oval. The Jersey Flegg team will play at 1:00 p.m.

North Sydney teams to take on Canberra on Sunday at North Sydney Oval.

Premier League

1. John Russell 2. Andrew Moodie 3. Richard Retimana 4. Chris Tuatara 5. Lester Salanoa 6. Luke Fatnowna 7. Aaron Heremaia 8. Kyle Arnold (c) 9. Ben Ellis 10. Pat Galea 11. Anthony Kiro 12. Wayne McDade 13. Matt Thurston

14. Michael Harper 15. Rhian Gerard 16. Joseph Swamy 17. Billy Ngawini 18. Ben Kalcina 20. Steven Hales

Coach - Gary Freeman

Jersey Flegg

1. Jono Freeman 2. Joel Bennet 3. Danny Chiha 4. Tyson Muscat 5. Michael Mansour 6. Reece Watson 7. Anthony Beare 8. Mitch Erickson 9. Pat Allendorf 10. Blake McLean (c) 11. Ryan Verlinden 12. Pio Rokomaqisa 13. Jessie Mileto

14. Arnold Mano 15. Michael Morris 16. Brad Price 17. Tim Woodbine 18. Luke Hemsworth 19. Oliver Saunders 20. Paul Horan 24. Lee Cameron 25. Ryan Wilson

Coach - Gavin Catanach