Hopeless Raiders collapse against Titans

The Canberra Raiders have hopelessly fumbled away a certain win, going down 23-22 to the Gold Coast Titans in extra time tonight. The Titans led 12-10 at half time, and trailed 22-16 as the siren sounded, before producing a win that silenced the 12,165 strong crowd.

The Titans struck first against the run of play, with Greg Bird scoring against a retreating Raiders defence in the 10th minute.

Canberra scored their first try also against the run of play, when Joel Thompson scored following a strong run by Josh Dugan.

Shortly afterwards Dugan was forced to leave the field, and at the same time the Raiders were forced into their in-goal on the fourth tackle after some shambolic play. Brad Meyers scored after running onto a flat ball in the ensuing set.

Neither team looked overly interested in assertion dominance in the match, however the Titans looked more likely to do so.

Consequently, when the Raiders scored again against the run of play just before half time through Daniel Vidot, the 12-10 scoreline was probably a fair assessment of the match.

The Raiders took the lead 15 minutes into the second half after Jarrod Croker outpaced the Titans defence to score.

The hard work from the Raiders to get in front was instantly wasted by Shillington, who dropped the ball on the first tackle after the restart. Bodene Thompson made up for not being able to stop Croker by fighting through the defence to score.

Canberra capitalized on a Titans error a few minutes later as Dane Tilse scored under the posts to put the hosts up 22-16.

The Titans made several more attacking raids that came to nothing, and after knocking the ball on with a minute to go, it looked as though the hosts had the game won.

Of course, nobody was counting on Matt Orford knocking the ball on at the scrum base. From the ensuring set, the Titans scored after the siren to take the game to extra time.

After electing to kick off in extra time, the Raiders forced the Titans to kick, but in returning the kick, Blake Ferguson spectacularly knocked on with nobody near him.

On the first play after the scrum, Greg Bird slotted a field goal from 15 metres out to secure the first win ever in Canberra for a Gold Coast team.

Match Details
Canberra Raiders 22 were defeated by Gold Coast Titans 23
National Rugby League - Round 4 - Saturday April 2, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: Canberra Stadium
Referee: Steve Lyons and Matt Cecchin
Video Referee: Paul Simpkins
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Adam Reid
Crowd: 12,165
Halftime: Canberra Raiders 10 Gold Coast Titans 12

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Greg Bird (1 Try, 1 Conversion, 1 Field Goal)
2 Points - Luke Bailey
1 Point - Dane Tilse (1 Try)

Tries: Dane Tilse, Joel Thompson, Jarrod Croker, Daniel Vidot
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/4)

Tries: Greg Bird, Anthony Laffranchi, Brad Meyers, Bodene Thompson
Field Goals: Greg Bird (1/1)
Conversions: Greg Bird (1/2), Preston Campbell (2/2)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary LINEUPS: Only change for the Raiders sees Josh Miller off the bench, switching with Buttriss at lock. For the Titans, Prince is out and Preston Campbell will start at halfback.
In the NYC, the Raiders delivered a crushing 58-18 defeat to the Titans.
Both teams taking to the field now.
1 min: The Titans kick off!
2 min: Early mistake from the Titans gifts the Raiders field position.
3 min: VIDEO REF - For a Raiders try...
3 min: NO TRY - Raiders put up a cross field bomb that is fumbled by the Titans, Harrison picks it up but stands on the sideline before a try is scored.
5 min: Titans give away a penalty, but Dugan makes an exceptionally uncharacteristic mistake and drops the ball.
7 min: Ferguson takes a bomb in his in-goal, rushes out to take the tap and makes a good break that picks up a penalty for Canberra.
10 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
After a break earlier in the set, the Titans shift the ball to Bird who forces his way over. Conversion attempt by Preston Campbell successful.
Gold Coast Titans 6-0
14 min: Canberra finding a few spaces in play, but poor last tackle options not helping them.
14 min: Preston Campbell very nearly kicks a fantastic 40/20, but replays show the ball hit the sideline on the full - referees decide to award Canberra a scrum just outside the 20.
16 min: Bird has the ball knocked out of his hands, Ferguson offloads it to a flying Dugan who puts the Raiders into a good attacking position.
17 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Raiders shift the ball wide to Joel Thompson who powers across the line. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
6 all
21 min: Blake Ferguson forces a Titans mistake, helping the Raiders out of trouble.
25 min: INJURY - Josh Dugan limping off the field with an injury, while completely disjointed Raiders play sees them trapped in their own in-goal on the FOURTH tackle.
27 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Meyers runs onto a flat ball at speed to score. Conversion attempt by Preston Campbell successful.
Gold Coast Titans 12-6
29 min: Titans forwards are marching all over the Raiders.
31 min: Preston Campbell throws a terrible pass after running from dummy half and throws it straight to a Raider.
29 min: Titans forwards are marching all over the Raiders.
33 min: Titans give away a penalty in possession for not playing the ball straight. Correct call, but probably won't be called against for five or six weeks.
34 min: Raiders give away a penalty in possession now as Ferguson passes off the ground after being tackled.
38 min: Fensom makes a great run and gets the Raiders a penalty.
38 min: VIDEO REF - For a Raiders try...
38 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
McCrone grubbers behind the line, and against all odds Vidot manages to ground the ball before going touch in-goal. Superb effort.. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker unsuccessful.
Gold Coast Titans 12-10
40 min: HALFTIME - Halftime in a close contest.
40 min: Back underway in Canberra!
41 min: Blake Ferguson makes a spectacular jump to save a 40/20, but it's all in vain as the Raiders make a mistake later in the set.
43 min: VIDEO REF - For a Titans try...
43 min: NO TRY - Great defence from the Raiders keeps Ryan James out of the in-goal by inches.
47 min: Blake Ferguson latches onto a cross field kick, but Titans defenders get under him and hold him up in the in-goal on the last.
51 min: Canberra try to run on the last, but their execution at running on the last is about as good as their execution at kicking on the last.
54 min: Canberra play some razzle-dazzle football and earn a repeat set after looking like they'd be giving up a repeat set to the Titans earlier.
55 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Croker gets the ball from the scrum, and outpaces the Titans defence to score. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 16-12
58 min: Shillington drops the ball first tackle after the kickoff. Preston Campbell has left the field with an injury.
59 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
Super strength from Thompson to score here. Fakes one way from dummy half, forces his way over the line and gets the ball down with a little help. Conversion attempt by Greg Bird hits the posts.
16 all
66 min: Ferguson kicks ahead for himself and David Mead makes a complete mess of picking it up, and the Raiders get a scrum 10 metres out.
67 min: TRY
TRY Canberra Raiders
Tilse crashes through a gap to score under the posts. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Canberra Raiders 22-16
70 min: Joel Thompson has enough bandages on his head to look like a mummy. Blake Ferguson makes a break and throws a wild offload that gets knocked on, but the Raiders defence holds on.
73 min: Titans get a goal line drop out.
74 min: The Raiders force the Titans over the sideline.
79 min: Titans get a penalty to go on attack at the back end of the game.
79 min: Titans lose the ball, and the Raiders should have this game won.
80 min: Matt Orford knocks on at the scrum base, Titans scrum 10 out.
80 min: VIDEO REF - For a Titans try...
80 min: TRY
TRY Gold Coast Titans
The Titans throw the ball around, a kick bounces back for them and Laffranchi scores next to the posts. Conversion attempt by Greg Bird successful.
22 all
80 min: Raiders choose to kick off to start extra time.
82 min: Blake Ferguson knocks on in wide open space returning a kick. Titans scrum 10 out.
82 min: FIELD GOAL
FIELD GOAL Gold Coast Titans
Greg Bird kicks a field goal to win the game for the Titans.
Gold Coast Titans 23-22

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