Hunter Sports Group unveiled


The Tinkler Sports Group has been re-badged as the Hunter Sports Group in line with its commitment to community ownership and to strengthen "brand Hunter" throughout Australia.

Group CEO Troy Palmer said the change of name was a natural progression from the company's original birth to its current standing in the community.

"From day one Nathan Tinkler has made it clear that the Tinkler Sports Group is about the community and the region. It is important that the whole community takes ownership," Palmer said.

"With the rebirth of the Newcastle Jets, the Knights entering the HSG stable and with Rugby League and Netball Tests confirmed for later in the year, it is appropriate that the transfer of the name is introduced now," he concluded.

The Hunter Sports Group has had a commitment, as a major part of its charter, to propagate and promote sport in the Hunter and Northern NSW regions along with ensuring it remai ns a not-for-profit community asset.

Last year the Jets hosted David Beckham's LA Galaxy in Newcastle which generated more than $20,000,000 worth of publicity for the region and $5,000,000 worth of investment to the tourism industry.

Mr Palmer added that the Hunter Sports Group will continue to investigate several new initiatives including further international sporting events and a proposal to have a Hunter based team in two more national sporting competitions.

The Hunter Sports Group will move into new premises at 1 Tudor St, Newcastle with the Knights and Jets Administration and Coaching staff in the near future.