Hurrellicane blows away Broncos

A long distance effort from Konrad Hurrell has given the Warriors an undefeated June and a 18-16 victory over a gallant Broncos side in front of 15,515 fans tonight at Mt Smart.

It was bright sunshine in Auckland, the polar opposite to the Australian eastern seaboard conductive to attacking football. Both teams treated fans to a thrilling contest.

The Warriors started out on top, rolling sixty metres in each set. They capitalised in the twelfth minute with a sweeping play reminiscent of the Storm sending talisman Manu Vatuvei over for the opening try.

Brisbane weathered the early pressure and got their first attacking set. Scott Prince put a early kick through and caught the Warriors up allowing Lachlan Maranta to slide in to reduce the deficit to two.

It was a classic Broncos play that gave the away side the lead as Scott Prince sent it along the backline, allowing Josh Hoffman to sweep across and dive over.

Two minutes before halftime the Warriors continued the tit-for-that nature of the contest. It was who else but the beast Manu Vatuvei who went up high and batted it back for Elijah Taylor to walk in the try. Shaun Johnson put it straight as an arrow, giving the Warriors a 12-10 halftime lead.

After the frantic nature of the opening half, it would have been easy for both sides to start out flat but the pace continued. Brisbane struck the first salvo in the half with Josh Hoffman getting a brace from another lovely backline shift.

It developed into an arm wrestle with both sides knowing that an error could be costly. Warriors cracked first with an errant offload from Sam Rapira giving the Broncos a chance but they couldn't capitalise.

Some second phase play had crept into the game for the Broncos who were making metres at will forcing the Warriors to hold on by the skin of their teeth.

Attacking football turned out to by the Broncos downfall though, as a cut-out pass from Scott Prince found Konrad Hurrell instead of Lachlan Maranta allowing the powerful centre to race 90 metres to put the Warriors back into the lead.

A tense final eight would endure for the Warriors after Shaun Johnson kicked out on the full but they repelled the Broncos on each attempt.

The nerves would rachet up a notch though with a final minute penalty given to the Broncos. Scott Prince gave the possibly tying kick to Corey Parker who had the distance but not the accuracy leaving them two short and making it an undefeated June for the home side. 

Next week's task is a big one for the Warriors as they head to Perth for a clash with ladder leaders South Sydney on Sunday afternoon, while the Broncos face an equally arduous assignment, up against the Storm at AAMI Park on Friday night.


Match Details
New Zealand Warriors 18 Brisbane Broncos 16
Venue: Mt Smart Stadium
Crowd: 15,515
Halftime Score: New Zealand Warriors 12-10 Players of the Match:
3 points - Peter Wallace
2 points - Glen Fisiiahi
1 point - Nathan Friend

Tries: Manu Vatuvei, Elijah Taylor, Konrad Hurrell
Field Goals:
Conversions: Shaun Johnson (3/3)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Lachlan Maranta, Peter Wallace, Josh Hoffman
Field Goals:
Conversions: Scott Prince (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Corey Parker (0/1) Live Commentary

Warriors: 18. Kevin Locke 1. Glen Fisiiahi 3. Dane Nielsen 4. Konrad Hurrell 5. Manu Vatuvei 6. Thomas Leuluai 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Sam Rapira 9. Nathan Friend 10. Ben Matulino 11. Feleti Mateo 12. Simon Mannering (c) 13. Elijah Taylor
Interchange: 15. Jacob Lillyman 16. Todd Lowrie 17. Dominique Peyroux 20. Suaia Matagi

Broncos: 1. Corey Norman 2. Josh Hoffman 3. Jack Reed 4. Justin Hodges 5. Lachlan Maranta 6. Scott Prince 7. Peter Wallace 8. Ben Hannant 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Sam Thaiday 11. Alex Glenn 12. Matt Gillett 13. Corey Parker
Interchange: 14. Ben Hunt 15. Josh McGuire 16. David Hala 17. Mitchell Dodds 18. Jarrod Wallace 19. Dunamis Lui
TEAM NEWS - the New Zealand Warriors welcome back Kevin Locke to the fullback role in jersey #18. This sees #1 Glen Fisiiahi move to the wing, and Ngani Laumape drop out of the squad after playing VB NSW Cup this morning. Russell Packer is also OUT, replaced by Suaia Matagi in jersey #20.
The Brisbane Broncos have no changes to the side named Tuesday, 1-17.
LATE CHANGE: Ben Hannant has been injured in the warm up so he is OUT. He is replaced by Josh McGuire in the starting side with Dunamis Lui onto the bench.
Both teams have made their way onto the field with the Broncos in their predominately yellow away jersey followed by the home side in their black jersey. Broncos kick-off and here we go!
3 min: Shaun Johnson has tested the Broncos back three early with bombs but they have passed with flying colours thus far.
6 min: We have our first PENALTY of the afternoon after a frantic start, Warriors get the call after the Broncos were inside the ten.
8 min: Mutagi with another pentrating run allowing Johnson to put in an early kick that forces Hodges to tap it dead. Dropout.
9 min: The Warriors just controlling play here with another grubber to force a dropout. Third set on the Broncos line in-coming.
Scored by Manu Vatuvei. Conversion attempt by Shaun Johnson successful.
A lovely sweeping play from the Warriors produces our first TRY. Mateo finds some space, fends Prince and offloads to Nielsen who finds who else but Manu Vatuvei who strolls in and walks it under the posts. Johnson slots the easy conversion.
New Zealand Warriors 6-0
15 min: PENALTY Brisbane - That will help them out of their own end. Offside.
16 min: Brisbane will have their first attacking set now after another PENALTY.
VIDEO REFEREE: Checking a Broncos TRY.
Scored by Lachlan Maranta. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince unsuccessful.
GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Lachlan Maranta finishes off a lovely kick from Scott Prince. Broncos make use of their first opportunity in the Warriors end. Tough first assignment for Prince, taking this from the sideline, misses.
New Zealand Warriors 6-4
21 min: It has been a fast paced game but it had to crack, Broncos trying to get a quick play from dummy-half throw it forward.
22 min: A loose carry and Broncos have it right back along with a PENALTY.
23 min: Broncos almost go in for their second but the ball is called back for a knock on.
28 min: Maranta drops a simple bomb and here comes the Warriors.
29 min: Nathan Friend darts from dummy-half and PENALTY. Offside.
29 min: That was just ad-lib play from the Warriors. The ball hits the ground on the left so they send it right and Konrad Hurrell finds Fisahii who stabs one in for a repeat set.
VIDEO REFEREE: Checking a Brisbane TRY after some mayhem.
Scored by Peter Wallace. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Glen Fisiahii jumps up for the bomb, spills it and clashes with his own player allowing Wallace to get a toe on the ball and follow through for a TRY. Scott Prince with an easier assignment, slams it through.
Brisbane Broncos 10-6
36 min: Shaun Johnson is pinged for a PENALTY.
37 min: That will help, Warriors get a PENALTY to eject them from their own end.
Scored by Elijah Taylor. Conversion attempt by Shaun Johnson successful.
The bomb has been the go today and it has prospered again. Manu Vatuvei goes up to contest with Maranta and leaps higher, knocks it back for Elijah Taylor to score. Shaun Johnson slots the goal for the lead.
New Zealand Warriors 12-10
40 min: HALFTIME in an entertaining contest. Warriors 12, Broncos 10.
41 min: KICK-OFF! We are underway again for the second stanza.
45 min: Matt Gillett with an NFL style pass to Prince who stabs it through for Hurrell to recover and be taken in-goal.
VIDEO REFEREE: Lachlan Maranta might have his second, checking grounding.
46 min: NO TRY! It wasn't grounded by Maranta and went dead off Vatuvei. Dropout.
Scored by Josh Hoffman. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Simple beautiful execution there. Broncos go down their left with some quick passing as Hoffman swept across and slid in for the TRY. Scott Prince straight as an arrow with the conversion.
Brisbane Broncos 16-12
53 min: Warriors almost burst through with Lillyman but the last tackle bomb is spilled by Hurrell. More bad news for the Warriors with Manu Vatuvei OFF with an injury.
55 min: Glen Fisiahii with a great slips catch to reel in a chip kick.
57 min: Forward pass against the Warriors after some electric play starting with the Konrad Hurrell bust.
60 min: A suss call there to say play-on there but Wallace slides one in again for a repeat set.
61 min: Broncos go to their left side once again for Hoffman who goes in taking out the corner pass. Thankfully for the home side it is FORWARD.
63 min: Dane Nielsen who hasn't had much ball today has some space and almost breaks through, chips for himself but Scott Prince recovers. Dropout.
64 min: Warriors just trying to force the attack currently, Sam Rapira with an errant offload.
Scored by Konrad Hurrell. Conversion attempt by Shaun Johnson successful.
Broncos pulling out some Warrior style football with the offloads and look certain to score with Prince sending a cut-out pass to his winger but INTERCEPTED by Konrad Hurrell who goes the distance to score despite a valiant chase from Sam Thaiday. Shaun Johnson stabs it over.
New Zealand Warriors 18-16
73 min: SIX MORE for the Warriors as it is touched.
76 min: No, no, no, no, no SHaun Johnson tries to get some space on last but he only kicks it out on the full.
77 min: Running it on last are the Broncos with Prince trying to find an opening, he finds Justin Hodges who delivers the worst pass ever!
79 min: Justin Hodges with probably the worst kick to go along with the worst pass award. Luckily though it was knocked on by the Warriors. One more set for the Broncos.
79 min: PENALTY Broncos. Will they go for the two?
79 min: Yes they will. Scott Prince has given the duties to Corey Parker for the crucial two.
Penalty goal attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.
Parker setps up.. he has the distance but not the accuracy as it goes wide. FULLTIME, Warriors win.
New Zealand Warriors 18-16