Hyundai partner with the Broncos

Hyundai will give away two cars to Broncos' members as they join the club in a sponsorship that will help celebrate the team's 25th anniversary.

Today the Broncos formalised the partnership with an event that delivered new cars to club captain Sam Thaiday and his deputy Corey Parker.

The pair will be driving around Brisbane in the new Hyundai Veloster, a car that combines a two-door sports car look with the convenience of a hatch and a hidden third door for access to the back seat - handy for father of two Parker and father-to-be Thaiday.

Hyundai, the fifth largest auto maker in the world, has joined in a three-year partnership with the Broncos.

"Broncos fans are absolutely our demographic, I have no doubt about that," said Hyundai's Queensland regional manager, Terry Mulcahy.

"Through this sponsorship arrangement I believe Hyundai, as the Broncos have done, can grow to number one in most areas. This is a genuine alliance where the two names can become synonymous with success."

And Hyundai will also reward Broncos members by giving away one car at a members' season launch party later this month, and another one at a home game later this year.

In addition, members who buy a Hyundai in Queensland are eligible for a loyalty bonus of up to $1000 - just because they are a part of the club.

Broncos general manager of marketing and commercial operations, Terry Reader, said the three-year sponsorship agreement with Hyundai was a fabulous incentive for members.

"With any new sponsorship agreement the Broncos look to work with partners who support our business goals of growing and rewarding members, and Hyundai has certainly reached those objectives in this deal," he said.

"The payment to our members who purchase a new Hyundai vehicle is called a loyalty bonus for a reason. That is exactly what it represents - loyalty by our fans to a sponsor, and loyalty from a sponsor back to our members."

As a platinum sponsor, Hyundai's logo will grace the front of all Broncos' training apparel.