In search of Malaysian Rugby League

The SINRL's UK development officer James Massara while searching throughout the student leagues in the UK in search of Singapore eligble players has stumbled across many Malaysian players. The SINRL wish to enter future tournaments in Europe such as the Middlesex 9's, York 9's and if funds permit the Dutch 9's next year.

While it would be costly to fly in all our players for each event from all over the world the SINRL has decided to use players soley based in the UK for these tournaments. The SINRL after been given approval from the RLIF have decided to compete as a joint Singapore/Malaysia team in these events. If you have a Malaysian background and would like to play in these future events and are based in the UK, please contact [email protected]

The SINRL would also like to utilise this concept of a joint Singapore/Malaysia side in Australia for the Wollongong 7's next year. The SINRL would like to hear from any players based in Australia who have Malaysian heritage that would like to participate. Please contact [email protected]

However the SINRL team to take part in the World 7's qualifiers next Jan/Feb to be held at either Sydney or Brisbane will be soley Singaporean. The team will feature the strongest possible lineup from players based in the UK, Singapore and Australia.