Indigenous all class over NRL All Stars

The Indigenous All Stars have claimed the 2013 Rugby League All Stars with a 32-6 victory over the NRL All Stars at Suncorp Stadium in front of 41,021 fans.

It was an all class performance from the Indigenous squad as they simply ran over the top of the NRL All Stars.

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Ben Barba was awarded the 2013 Preston Campbell medal for his performance for the Indigenous All Stars.

As like previous All Stars matches, tonight we feature a series of new experimental rules. You can see a full rundown an explanation of them here.


Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Saturday 9th February 2013, kickoff 8pm AEDT // 7PM AEST
Crowd: 41,021
Live TV: Channel 9 and Regional on GEM
Referees: Ashley Klein, Jason Robinson, Gavin Morris & Chris James
Touch Judges: Nick Beachel & Michael Wise
Video Referees: Chris Ward & Luke Phillips Player of the Match
3  points - Johnathan Thurston (Indigenous/ Cowboys)
2 points - Ben Barba (Indigenous/ Bulldogs)
1 points - Greg Bird (Indigenous/ Titans)

TEAM LISTS (Updated)

Indigenous All Stars: 1. Ben Barba 2. Reece Robinson 3. Justin Hodges 4. Greg Inglis 5. Blake Ferguson 6. Johnathan Thurston (c) 7. Scott Prince 8. George Rose 9. Nathan Peats 10. Andrew Fifita 11. Joel Thompson 12. Greg Bird 19. Timana Tahu
Interchange: 14. Ryan James 15. Aidan Sezer 16. Joel Romelo 17. Jake Foster 18. Dane Nielsen 20. Jack Wighton

NRL All Stars: 1. Jarryd Hayne 2. Akuila Uate 3. Shaun Kenny-Dowall 4. Josh Morris 5. Brett Morris 6. Benji Marshall (c) 7. Adam Reynolds 8. James Tamou 9. Cameron Smith 10. Ben Hannant 11. Ashley Harrison 12. Willie Mason 13. Chris Heighington
Interchange: 14. Robbie Farah 15. Tim Grant 16. David Shillington 17. Feleti Mateo 18. Justin O'Neill 19. Kieran Foran 20. Shaun Johnson

Tries: Ben Barba (3), Reece Robinson (3)
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (3/4), Scott Prince (2/2)

Tries: Jarryd Hayne
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (1/1)

No Incidents


FULL TIME at Suncorp Stadium and the Indigenous All Stars defeat the NRL All Stars 32-6

80th minute -
The NRL All Stars take a short kick off and regathers the ball. Mateo had space but unable to link up and find the line.

INDIGENOUS TRY (Indigenous 32-6)
Try: Reece Robinson
Conversion: Aiden Sezer (0/1)
79th minute - Reece Robinson claims his hat trick with a short pass on the blind side. He streaks away from Jarryd Hayne to dive in the corner for his third of the night. Aiden Sezer with the conversion attempt from the sideline is missed.
77th minute - Penalty to the Inidgenous All Stars, concerns for Thurston who is down in back play.

73th minute - Scott Prince sends the ball out on the full behind the dead ball line, so it's a tap restart from that spot for the NRL All Stars.

CROWD TONIGHT at Suncorp Stadium: 41,021

INDIGENOUS TRY (Indigenous 28-6)
Try: Reece Robinson (2)
Conversion: Scott Prince (1/1)
71st minute - Reece Robinson was able to take the floating pass in the corner to plant it down. He claims his second try. Scott Prince with the kicking duties from the touchline with Thurston off the field.

70th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for the Indigenous, the call from the referee is line drop out. The decision remains with the referee and it's a goal line drop out for the Indigenous as Jarryd Hayne grounded it before the Indigenous.

68th minute - A lifting tackle from Mateo on Andrew Fifita gives away a penalty on the last tackle. The Indigenous All Stars take the quick tap and attack 10 metres from the NRL All Stars line.

66th minute - The ball came off the side of the boot from Robbie Farah and it flies out on the full. Indigenous All Stars get a scrum feed on the NRL All Stars 40 metre line.

65th minute - Forward pass ruled against Jack Wighton, NRL All Stars takes the ball through the ball of the ball only 10 metres from their line.

64th minute - Cameron Smith has broken his nose and is off. Robbie Farah will remain hooker

62nd minute - Justin O'Neill made a meal of the ball off the kick from the Indigenous, but luckily for him he knocked it over the touch-in-goal line. As a result it's a line drop out for the Indigenous

61st minute - Johnathan Thurston kicks off in the FINAL QUARTER at Suncorp Stadium.

60th minute - THREE-QUARTER TIME: Indigenous All Stars lead the NRL All Stars 22-6

59th minute -
Adam Reynolds got stuck on the last play, he managed to get a grubber kick but it goes dead. 20 metre tap for the Indigenous.

58th minute - Cameron Smith earns a penalty for a ruck infrigement. It's a play the ball under the new rules. the NRL All Stars attacking 10 metres out.

57th minute - Benji Marshall takes a 40 metre intercept and streaked down field. Ryan James gives away a penalty for holding him down in the ruck after he was tackled. NRL All Stars attacking 10 metres from the line.

56th minute - NRL All Stars ruled to be offside on the goal line which gives the Indigenous a new set on the goal line.

55th minute - A mistake from the NRL All Stars gives the Indigenous a fresh set on halfway

54th minute - Josh Morris darted out of acting half was collected with a high tackle which earns the NRL All Stars a penalty.

52 minute - A mess end of the Indigenous set as a grubber kick is cleaned up by Benji Marshall. NRL All Stars start their set deep in the Indigenous half.

50th minute - Scott Prince on the last tackle placed a nice kick between the NRL All Stars defence, Justin O'Neill dived on the loose ball in goal. As a result it's a goal line drop out for the Indigenous

INDIGENOUS TRY (Indigenous 22-6)
Try: Reece Robinson
Conversion: Johnathan Thurston (3/4)
47th minute - Dane Nielsen was able to clean up the mistake from the NRL All Stars, the quick play is passed to Ben Barba who linked with Reece Robinson who dived over in the corner. Johnthan Thurston with the conversion hits the uprights and it's waived away.

45th minute - Robbie Farah attempted a set play through the defence with a short grubber kick from Josh Morris, but he was unable to take it clean and knocks on. The Indigenous All Stars start their set with a 20 metre restart.

44th minute - Another penalty against the Indigenous as Thurston comes across with a swing arm high on Jarryd Hayne. The NRL All Stars march up and attack only 10 metres out from the line.

43rd minute - Penalty to the NRL All Stars for offside against the Indigenous All Stars, NRL attacks only 30 metres from the Indigenous goal line.

41st minute - We are back underway as both sides are ready to go. The Indigenous All Stars kick off the second half.

40th minute - HALF TIME at Suncorp Stadium, the Indigenous All Stars in a commanding position over the NRL All Stars as they lead 18-6.

39th minute - Robbie Farah provides short pass from Benji Marshall who linked with Shaun Johnson on the inside, however Johnson unable to take it cleanly and drops the ball. Indigenous with the ball with a scrum feed 40 metres from the NRL All Stars line.

38th minute - The NRL All Stars starting to throw the ball around, the basketball pass over the top is dropped by Hayne. As a result it's a scrum feed for the Indigenous. But it's a quick end of the set as Thurston fires the kick downfield as there is no fullback. However, Hayne raced down field ahead of Ben Barba to dive on the loose ball.

37th minute - Penalty to the NRL All Stars as George Rose cleaned up Josh Morris with a high tackle. NRL All Stars march up field and start their set 40 metres from their own line.

36th minute - Chris Heighington comes up with a mistake on the Indigenous 40 metre line, the tackle count is restarted as the Indigenous attack short of half way.

35th minute - Thurston kicks short for Jarryd Hayne managed to collect the bouncing ball cleanly, the NRL All Stars start their set again 30 metres from their goal line

33th minute - Play is back on with the kick going downfield and taken by the NRL All Stars who attack 30 metres from their goal line.

33th minute - Time off here with Greg Bird on the ground after getting dumped in the tackle by James Tamou.

INDIGENOUS TRY (Indigenous 18-6)
Try: Ben Barba (3)
Conversion: Johnathan Thurston (3/3)
30th minute - Johnathan Thurston on fire with a pin-point kick over the top of the NRL All Stars defence, and flying through is Ben Barba who brings up his third try in 30 minutes. 

29th minute - Johnathan Thurston on show again with a short side play to the right as he liked with Nathan Peats who dived for the goal line but he dropped it backwards. Thurston attempted to toe ahead the ball but Josh Morris managed to ground the ball. As a result it's a line drop out for the Indigenous

28th minute - A massive hit from Greg Inglis sees Feleti Mateo drop the ball cold. The Indigenous clean up the ball and start their set on the zero tackle only 10 metres from their goal line.

27th minute - Penalty to the NRL All Stars for a ruck infringement. The NRL All Stats attacking only 5metres from the Indigenous try line.

25th minute - A mistake from Johnathan Thurston on halfway which gives the NRL All Stars a scrum feed.

23rd minute - A bit of an injury concern for Justin Hodges who has signs of a limp as he checks in with a trainer on field.

22nd minute - Benji Marshall firing a kick to the corner with a flying Uate down the sideline, however Nathan Merritt forced it dead. So as a result the Indigenous concede a goal line drop out. A repeat set for the NRL All Stars.


INDIGENOUS TRY (Indigenous 12-6)
Try: Ben Barba
Conversion: Johnathan Thurston (2/2)
20th minute - On the final play of the first quarter. Johnathan Thurston found a short side gap, after a series of short passes, Reece Robinson ended with the ball, he cut back on the inside for Ben Barba to break through for his second try. Johnathan Thurston in typical fashion curved the kick back around between the sticks.

18th minute - Benji Marshall looking for a hole in the line but as he stepped he slipped over and dropped the Steeden. An error for the NRL All Stars sees the Indigenous come up with the ball through a scrum feed.

18th minute - Two quick back to back penalties on the Indigenous All Stars line, NRL All Stars with a chance for their second try.

NRL TRY (6-all)
Try: Jarryd Hayne
Conversion: Adam Reynolds (1/1)
13th minute - Jarryd Hayne picked up the loose ball thrown by the Indigenous All Stars, he then streaked away 80 metres down field to score the try in the corner. Recee Robinson was chasing Hayne down the sideline but unable to catch him. Adam Reynolds with the kicking duties slot the two points from the touchline

INDIGENOUS TRY (Indigenous 6-0)
Try: Ben Barba
Conversion: Johnathan Thurston (1/1 goals)
11th minute - Scott Prince started the play with a chip and chase, the ball on the deck was kicked ahead by Ben Barba who cleaned up to score first points under the sticks. Johnathan Thurston with an easy 

10th minute - VIDEO REFEREE for Ben Barba, looking for onside from the short kicks

9th minute - Reece Robinson takes the high bomb from Adam Reynolds in goal and earns his side a quick 20 metre restart.

8th minute - A few errors coming into this game already. Nathan Peats threw a terrible pass on the last tackle of the Indigenous and Ben Hannant comes up with the ball for the NRL All Stars.

INTERCHANGE: George Rose OFF, Ryan James ON (Indigenous)

7th minute - Benji Marsall rushes up on Thurston and he was unable to hold onto the ball. An error for the Indigenous which see the NRL All Star start their set on their 20 metre line.

5th minute - Back to back penalties for the Indigenous All Stars, they attack only 10 metres from the NRL All Stars line.

4th minute - NO TRY! Ashley Harrison is penalised for an obstruction as Willie Mason blocked the Indigenous defenders from getting to Harrison.

3rd minute - Penalty against Nathan Peats for holding down Willie Mason in the ruck. NRL All Stars finds the line and they attack 30 metres from the Indigenous try line.

1st minute - PENALTY: Adam Reynolds is penalised for stripping the ball from Johnathan Thurston. Scott Prince kicks for touch and the Indigenous have the ball 40 metres from the NRL try line

We are UNDERWAY at Suncorp Stadium with the NRL All Stars kicking off

Timana Tahu leads the Indigenous All Stars in the traditional war cry

A minute silence is being obverses now for the Jon Mannah

Both sides are out on the park at Suncorp Stadium, now playing is the Australia National Anthem