Injuries Sour Panthers' Rout

The Penrith Panthers have comprehensively outplayed a disappointing Brisbane Broncos outfit tonight winning 33-10 in front of a vocal home crowd.

The evening was soured by potential long term injuries for both sides after tonight's game. Penrith will be waiting eagerly for scans on Michael Gordon and Timana Tahu, who both picked up injuries tonight. The former being the most serious with a potential ACL injury. Brisbane lost Justin Hodges just before half time with a hamstring tear, and Darren Lockyer finished the game clutching his shoulder. Ricky Stuart and Mal Meninga will also be very interested to get the results of scans with State of Origin teams named in a few days.

Scoring was underway at the 13 minute mark after Penrith chose to run the ball on the last tackle. Luke Walsh spotted an overlap on his right and fired a quick ball out to Luke Lewis. On the back of a nice step back inside and a bit of muscle, Lewis was able to power his way over the line in his first game back from injury. Michael Gordon easily kicked the conversion and Penrith took an early 6-0 lead.

Penrith managed to double their lead 14 minutes later after some smart work from hooker, Kevin Kingston. With Brisbane back-peddling Kingston spotted Scott Anderson offside and used him as a shield to burrow over from dummy half. The conversion was no problem for Michael Gordon from right in front.

Some luck finally went Brisbane's way just when it looked like Brisbane would be held to their first scoreless half of the year. With 6 minutes to halftime Peter Wallace put in a little grubber, which collided with a defender and bounced back to him. Wallace managed to regather and slam the ball down next to the posts. Corey Parker added the extras from next to the posts.

The 40th minute was a blockbuster. Penrith were pulled up for an obstruction just 10m out from their own, giving Brisbane one last attempt before halftime. It soon looked to go pear-shaped for Brisbane with Justin Hodges going down clutching at his hamstring. With just 12 men in the line Brisbane snagged a miracle try right on the halftime siren. Jharal Yow Yeh somehow managed to flick a ball back inside as he was being taken into touch. Corey Parker was the lucky recipient of the pass, and managed to muscle his way over in the corner. Parker failed to convert his own try with his conversion hitting the upright.

It took just 9 minutes for Penrith to reinforce their dominance after some great second phase play from Luke Walsh. Adrian Purtell managed to pop a nice offload to Luke Walsh who drew the fullback and beautifully positioned Michael Gordon to score under the posts. Gordon quickly added the extras, taking the score to 18-10.

Penrith were in again 8 minutes later on the back of some brilliant work from Michael Gordon. Gordon took advantage of some very poor defense from Brisbane and embarked on a long run down field. Gordon drew the fullback and found a flying Brad Tighe, who had too much pace for the Brisbane cover defense.

Back to back tries for the Panthers again thanks to some great work from Michael Gordon. Running across field and attracting defenders, Gordon linked with a rampaging Timana Tahu who powered over the line. Michael Gordon missed his first kick of the night, and the score remained 28-10.

The 65th minute was a controversial one with 2 players being sent to the sin bin. Three straight penalties against the Panthers and Petero Civoniceva had a bit to say to referee Matt Cecchin, who responded with 10 in the bin for the big front rower. As Brisbane looked to take the quick tap Cecchin blew time off and sent Corey Parker to the bin as well -- also for alleged back chat.

With 7 minutes to go Penrith put the icing on the cake with yet another well orchestrated try. Luke Walsh took advantage of an overlap and quickly fired the ball outside on the last tackle. The Panthers spread the ball through a few sets of hands before Brad Tighe managed to dive over out wide for his second try of the night. With Michael Gordon off the field Luke Walsh took the shot at goal, but was unsuccessful.

Penrith rubbed salt into the wound with a field goal on the full time siren. Ironically the Panthers had opted against taking a shot at goal the play beforehand after a late penalty from the Broncos.

This could be just the result Penrith needed to turn their season around, and with Gus Gould arriving on Monday things can only get better for Western Sydney club. Brisbane were woeful and will be licking their wounds for 2 weeks.

Next week Penrith will have another big test when they face the Wests Tigers at Campbelltown.

Match Details
Penrith Panthers 33 defeated Brisbane Broncos 10
National Rugby League - Round 10 - Friday May 13, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Centrebet Stadium Penrith
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Ricky MacFarlane
Crowd: 11,336
Halftime: Penrith Panthers 12 Brisbane Broncos 10 players of the match:
3 Points - Michael Gordon (1 Try, 4 Conversions)
2 Points - Luke Lewis (1 Try)
1 Point - Kevin Kingston (1 Try)

Penrith Panthers (33)
Tries: Brad Tighe (2), Timana Tahu, Luke Lewis, Michael Gordon, Kevin Kingston
Field Goals: Luke Walsh (1/1)
Conversions: Michael Gordon (4/5), Luke Walsh (0/1)

Brisbane Broncos (10)
Tries: Corey Parker, Peter Wallace
Conversions: Corey Parker (1/2) Live Commentary Welcome to tonight's match between the Penrith Panthers and the Brisbane Broncos at Centrebet Stadium. Kick off in a little over 10 minutes.
A change in the front row for the Panthers with Sam McKendry elevated to the starting line up at the expense of Tim Grant, who reverts back to the bench.

Brisbane will be 1-17.
Brisbane took out tonight's Toyota Cup clash with a comprehensive 44-10 victory.
Drama in Panthers warm up. Tim Grant has pulled him hamstring before kick off. Yileen Gordon will take his place on the bench.
Teams running onto the field now. Penrith will kick off to start the game.
1 min: Penrith have started horribly with their opening kick off going out on the full. Penalty on halfway for Brisbane.
1 min: An ordinary kick from Peter Wallace goes dead.
4 min: Good sets from both teams to start the game.
5 min: Simmonds has a little bobble fielding a kick -- ruled backwards.
6 min: Refs are struggling to hold the 10m. No penalties given yet though.
8 min: Brisbane lose possession deep in their own half. Penrith are attacking Brisbane's line.
9 min: Brad Tighe has been taken into touch by some great scrambling defense.
10 min: Timana Tahu has been pulled up for a high tackle. Bad call there from the refs.
11 min: Another ordinary kick from Peter Wallace puts Simmonds under no pressure. To make matters worse the Broncos are caught offside off the quick restart.
13 min: TRY
Welcome back Luke Lewis. Walsh spreads the ball on the last tackle and Lewis steps back inside a defender and powers his way over the line. Michael Gordon nails the conversion.
Penrith Panthers 6-0
15 min: Penrith are finding some holes up the middle of Brisbane's defensive line.
16 min: Penrith lose the ball on halfway after Kingston pops an unnecessary pass.
17 min: An easy take for Michael Gordon on the back of yet another ordinary kick from Wallace.
18 min: A sneaky little grubber from Andrew McCullough is defused by Travis Burns.
19 min: Broncos will start a new set on halfway after Luke Walsh kicks the ball into the back of Jack Reed before rebounding into touch.
20 min: There's a better kick from Wallace. Plenty of pressure amounts to nothing after some nice work from Adrien Purtell.
21 min: Huge break from Kevin Kingston amounts to nothing after Brisbane force Nigel Plum to put a grubber in on the last tackle.
22 min: Some strong defense in this game so far. Big Petero just put a great shot on Scott Anderson.
23 min: Simmonds drops a Lockyer bomb and Brisbane nearly score off the back of it. Fortunately for the Panthers Thaiday knocked on after advantage was taken.
26 min: Penalty to the Panthers. Brisbane held on too long in the tackle.
27 min: TRY
Smart play from dummy half as Kevin Kingston spots Anderson offside and dives over.
Penrith Panthers 12-0
28 min: Penrith allow the ball to bounce on the kick off. Very lucky that didn't go dead.
29 min: Yow Yeh nearly gifts Penrith a try after attempting to trap a ball with his boot - but misses completely.
31 min: Michael Gordon is having a great game at the back for Penrith.
32 min: Seluini is caught on the last after some enterprising play from Penrith.
33 min: Obstruction ruled against Penrith 10m out from their own line.
34 min: TRY
Peter Wallace tries a grubber and gets a fortunate rebound for himself. A tough take, but Wallace manages to regather and get the ball down.
Penrith Panthers 12-6
37 min: Wallace loses the ball on Brisbane's 40.
38 min: Penrith butcher a certain try. Simmonds was getting taken into touch and managed to overhead the ball back inside to an unmarked Nathan Smith, who just couldn't handle the ball.
39 min: Travis Burns saves the day for Penrith by grounding the ball on the back of a very dangerous grubber from Lockyer.
40 min: There's a sniper in the stands. Hodges drops to the ground while running across field clutching at his hamstring.

Hodges can't even walk properly -- safe to say night over for him.
40 min: TRY
Brisbane steal one right on halftime. Yow Yeh flicks a ball back inside whilst being taken into touch and Corey Parker muscles his way over the line in the corner. Parker fails to convert his own try.
Penrith Panthers 12-10
That's halftime at Centrebet Stadium. Penrith lead 12-10.
41 min: Back underway. Panthers have first possession of the second half.
41 min: Brisbane are reporting a hamstring tear for Hodges. Alex Glenn has moved to right center for the remainder of the game.
43 min: Copley gets taken in the air by Luke Lewis. Brisbane penalty.
44 min: Nigel Plum knocks on attempting to play the ball.
46 min: Brisbane fail to get to their kick on the last. Reed gets wrapped up after a bad pass from Peter Wallace.
47 min: Lockyer makes a break and runs about 20m before he is caught from behind by Kevin Kingston.
48 min: Anderson drops the ball 15m out from the Panthers line. Pressure off.
49 min: TRY
Luke Walsh made a big break after a great offload from Adrian Purtell. Walsh drew the fullback and passed the ball back inside to Michael Gordon, who scored under the posts.
Penrith Panthers 18-10
52 min: Luke Walsh finds touch and earns his team a little breather.
53 min: Penrith rush Lockyer on the last tackle and nearly forces a mistake. Fortunately for Brisbane Gerard Beale was there to kick the ball down field.
55 min: Corey Norman gets taken dead after a great kick from Luke Walsh. Line drop out for the Panthers.
56 min: Kevin Kingston loses the ball in a 3 man tackle. May have been hands on the ball there.
57 min: TRY
Michael Gordon is giving his NSW fullback aspirations a massive boost tonight. Gordon bursts through some lazy defense from Brisbane on his own 30m line and flew down field, drew the fullback and fired the ball out to a flying Brad Tighe, who had too much pace for Jack Reed.
Penrith Panthers 24-10
59 min: Brilliant set on the back of points for Penrith forcing a line drop out.
61 min: TRY
Great football from Penrith. Michael Gordon ran across field attracting defenders and linked with a rampaging Timana Tahu. Brisbane never looked like stopping him from that range. Gordon misses his first kick of the night.
Penrith Panthers 28-10
64 min: Penrith lose the ball in Broncos territory. Some much needed possession her for the Broncos.
65 min: Back to back penalties to Brisbane after some infringements.
65 min: Another penalty and Civoniceva is binned.
65 min: Corey Parker has been sent to the bin too. Not sure what that one was for.
66 min: Bad decision by Andrew McCullough to run from dummy half on the last. Easily wrapped up by 3 defenders.
67 min: Penalty to Brisbane for some extra work in the tackle.
69 min: Great defense from Penrith manages to keep Brisbane out.
70 min: Michael Gordon is down for Penrith. Looked very similar to what happened to Sam Burgess a few weeks ago.
70 min: Gordon has left the field for Penrith. Tahu is off as well for the Panthers.
71 min: Brisbane lose the ball and Lockyer is down for the Broncos.
71 min: Penrith lose the ball on the second tackle.
72 min: Purtell goes for an intercept and juggles it backwards. Panthers get the ball in great position.
73 min: TRY
Penrith take advantage of an overlap and spread the ball out wide. Tighe manages to dive over in the corner. Luke Walsh misses the conversion from the sideline.
Penrith Panthers 32-10
75 min: Easy meters for Penrith. Brisbane have shut up shop.
76 min: Civoniceva and Parker return to the field for their respective teams.
77 min: Checking a try to the Panthers.
77 min: NO TRY! Accidental offside.

Nigel Plum quite likes this kicking thing it seems. Plum put in a nice little grubber that Corey Norman fails to gather and bounces up to Tighe who thought he had his hat trick. Unfortunately for the Panthers the ball rebounded off Tighe into Plum, who was offside before grounding the ball.
78 min: Penalty to Penrith after Brisbane fail to clear the ruck.
79 min: Late penalty to the Panthers. Opt to take the tap instead of the easy 2 points.
80 min: FIELD GOAL
Penrith elect to take the one instead of the two.
Penrith Panthers 33-10
That's full time at Centrebet Stadium. The Panthers have thoroughly outplayed a lackluster Broncos outfit, winning 33-10.

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