International Rugby League Has A

The news of Adrian Morley not getting suspended was great news not only for the Lions but also for International Rugby League. A judiciary panel ruled the sending off was sufficient penalty and did not ban him from the remaining two Tests. There was also more good news on the International Rugby League front today, with Chairman of the Rugby League International Federation, Colin Love , has revealed that a World Cup in 2007 is firmly on the agenda. After the recent test matches between the three big nations of Rugby League getting closer and closer, it has proven that International Rugby League has a future.

Love, also admitted there won't be another Ashes tour for at least the next four years. But he said he believed Great Britain's showing in the first test match against the Kangaroos is what next year's Tri-Nations series - between New Zealand , Australia and Great Britain - will be a huge success.

The only thing one could hope is that England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales benefit from Great Britain's exposure to more test matches...Or we will see another two horse race between Australia and New Zealand. But judging by the amount of recent test matches played and the results, I believe that the World Cup in 2007 will be the closest ever in Rugby League.

The teams to watch will be England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, and Lebanon. These teams will be the biggest threats to Australia and New Zealand, unless major development happens in Samoa, Fiji and Tonga in the next 4 years.

Obviously the financial situation in PNG as prevented their Team from playing football in International rugby League which is a shame for any league fan.

Hopefully the RLIF realise that for the 3 teams in next years tri series, the warm up games they play teams like Lebanon, PNG, and France are a positive move. There are so many ways to make International League stronger...but at the end of the day, lack of funding will always hurt International League.

Recent Results from some of the rapidly developing International Rugby League teams:

1. Lebanon (Mediterranean Cup Champions)

Lebanon 102 Serbia 0 Lebanon 60 Morocco 0 Lebanon 28 France 18

2. Scotland

Ireland 24 Scotland 22 Scotland 8 France 6

3. Ireland

USA 20 Ireland 12 Ireland 24 Scotland 22 France 26 Ireland 18

4. France

France 30 BARLA 24 France 29 Russia 12 France 28 NZ Maori 16 France 72 Morocco 0 France 120 Serbia 0 Lebanon 26 France 18 France 26 Ireland 18 Scotland 8 France 6

5. Wales

Wales 74 Russia 4 Austrailia 76 Wales 4 England A 22 Wales 4